Cutmaster C - Make U A Superstar Vol. 1

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Cutmaster C is known in the Hip-Hop industry to make artists Superstars.
He is on some major Motion Picture Sh*t releasing the first volume in
his new Hip-Hop mixtape series, which features some of dope new and
exclusive Hip-Hop tracks, freestyles and remixes.

This mixtape features new tracks from Uncle Murder & Maino, Ludacris,
Mobb Deep w/ Lloyd Banks & 50 Cent, Young Buck, P. Diddy, Young Jeezy,
Money Cash, Jim Jones & Stack Bundles, Remo Da Rapstar, Rick Ross w/
Game, Fat Joe & DJ Khaled, M.O.P. & more.

1 - Uncle Murda & Maino - Gun With A Body
2 - Young Buck- Puttin In Work
3 - 50 Cent & Mobb Deep- Angels
4 - Freeway feat. Jay- Z- World War 3
5 - Jim Jones, Stack Bundles- Ya Dig
6 - JR Writer- History In The Making
7 - DMX feat. Busta - Comin Thru
8 - Rick Ross, Game, Fat Joe, Khalad-Chevy Ridin (remix)
9 - Ludacris- Tell It Like It Is
10 - Young Buck feat. 50 Cent- Do It Myself
11 - P. Diddy - Gettin Off
12 - Young Jeezy- I Do This
13 - Stack Buindles feat. Riot Squad- Broke The Rules
14 - Money Cash - Freestyle (Lil' Kim's Artist)
15 - Lloyd Banks-Rapstar
16 - Royal Flush- Let Ya Shit Go
17 - M.O.P.- Stop Pushing
18 - Rich Dinero feat. Tone Mac- All I Got
19 - 50 Cent - Freestyle
20 - Mobb Deep feat. Lloyd Banks & 50 Cent-Bitch Get Off Me
21 - 50 Cent - Paperchaser
22 - Runt Dawg - Freestyle
23 - Remo Da Rapstar- Just Say No

**Last 2 Tracks Are Missing**

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you may have to re-download

you may have to re-download the torrent for it to work

how u gonna have a cd with

how u gonna have a cd with jada on the cover and he aint even on the shit.
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Yea really. wtf?!

or you can just download

or you can just download another mixtape since they seem to all have the same fkn songs, wtf!!
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yeah seriously the same songs over and over again.. and it aint that great... I bet the 2 tracks missing are jadas.


1 3 4 missin wastin my D%$% time

Maybe I should make my own

Maybe I should make my own mixtape with all the same songs too, slap a cover on it with my face being all gansta and shit and i'll be dope...
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All you cry babies need to grow up and stop bitchin'. Your getting the Mixtapes for Free. If you don't like it, DON'T DOWNLOAD IT. Go to the next 1, you'll find something you like. Mfizzle works hard to up these Mixtapes, and all your bitches just complain about whats already obvious. STFU!

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saw Mo Pete in Vancouver

saw Mo Pete in Vancouver today...wut!!

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usually i keep my comments to myself but when i constantly see you guys complain over the dumbest shit.. that annoys me. either your faggot asses can pay 6-8 bucks for these mixtapes, or download them and enjoy them for FREE NO MATTER WHATS MISSING, OR WHAT ARTIST IS ON THE MIXTAPE AND HAS NO SONGS ON IT. or if you wanna keep bitchin like a bunch of fuckin queers, i won't hesitate to ban your asses, ENJOY OR FIND SOMEWHERE ELSE TO GET THIS SHIT YOU UNGRATEFUL FUCKS
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