Bun B Feat. Yo Gotti - Countin Money All Day

You heard the snippet on No Mixtape, here goes the full track courtesy of
Bun B's upcoming album Trill OG.

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good to hear gotti in this

good to hear gotti in this song I cant wait for trill OG its goin to be fire.
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This shit iz FIYA! But dats just my personal opinion since Bun Bizzle holds the number 1 spot in my top 10 :)
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been on for

been on this track for a while good track...and i cant log out this bitch... -WHO SAYS HIP HOP IS DEAD-
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Shit is ridin! Who ever said

Shit is ridin! Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout
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This Shit Goes!

Trill OG can't get here fast enough..
      [- Avoid the ignorance -]
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one word------FIYAH "You are the perfect verse to a tight beat."

!!! AaAaAaAaAaAhHhHhHh !!!

"...and I'm still high from yesterday "
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Bun is definitely a

Bun is definitely a legend....Yo Gotti=terrible(How dare I "ball" when there's a kid in the world that won't eat tonight?)


tight track. love beats like this, and the chorus made me laugh!! "fuck a rubber band!" LMFAO ---- I'm lookin' for some HTown beats that hard gangsta shiz bumpworthy please no smooth booty makin' beats. Private message me if you got some. ----