Boo Rossini & Young Buck - 601 To The 615 (Hosted By Bigga Rankin)


01 - Boo Rossini Young Buck-Intro
02 - Boo Rossini Feat Young Buck-Business Man
03 - Young Buck Slick Pulla Boo Rossini-Been Gone
04 - Skruddle Feat Young Buck Boo Rossini-Get Your Shit
05 - Young Buck-Maybe Im Crazy
06 - Young Jeezy Boo Rossini Young Buck-Killa
07 - 6Tre Feat Young Buck Boo Rossini-The Realist
08 - Young Buck-Throw It
09 - Boo Rossini-Loaded
10 - Boo Rossini Yo Gotti Lil Wayne-Whip It Like A Slav
11 - Young Buck-I Been Sellin Dope
12 - Young Jeezy Feat Boo Rossini-D Boy
13 - Young Buck-Jump The Line
14 - Young Jeezy Feat Young Buck Boo Rossini-Stop Playi
15 - Young Breed Triple C S Feat Young Buck Boo Rossini
16 - Boo Rossini Young Buck-Outro

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Uh Oh!

Some New Young Buck?
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Is Boo Rossini from Jackson

Is Boo Rossini from Jackson Mississippi??
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yo gotti's new single this a single off CM 4.5 called white world
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Canton, Mississippi a small town located just outside of Jackson

chop76 wrote:
Is Boo Rossini from Jackson Mississippi??
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Been there, I knew it was

Been there, I knew it was central miss somewhere cause the area code is 662 up here on the Tennessee border and something else on the Gulf coast

So is this decent or what??

I know both this niggaz go hard on the paint but hows the mix?? Is there alotta screamin and hollerin with special efx on half azz 1:30 secs songs? Or is't really decent???

Shyt Tyte

Man I just downloaded this shit just to have somethin new and this shit tight as hell. Buck goin hard on these tight ass beats. Him and Boo sound good together I wonder if he bout to hookup with the Snowman camp. These Southern niggas no how to come together and get that bread. Shout out to the Snowman and Buck I counted both of these niggas out a couple of years ago. Keep makin that hood shyt and dont crossover.
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Its well worth the d/l

Theres a couple new Buck songs on here, but yes theres screamin all over this bitch too, hopefully one of Bucks new tapes drops soon, either Back on My Buck Shit 2 or the one called Rehab would be right on time, that new Nappy Roots, Z-ro, Dead Prez, and The Roots albums got me thru June. You should check out that new Roots called "How I got Over" the more I listen to it the more I like it
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Throw back Friday

I figured us older cats could help these younger dudes make it through these rough times in music by bringing our shit back out, this been one of my favs for most of my life, Sublime-40 ounces to Freedom
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It's Y.Buck you fuck... Just download it, it's awready good.
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hell yea

hell yea