The Syndicate & Digital Product Present Young Buck - G-Unit Nemesis


01 Young Buck - Court Date
02 Young Buck - My Nigga
03 Young Buck - Not Tonite
04 Young Buck - Whitney An Bobby
05 Young Buck - Finish What Ya Started
06 Young Buck - Do It For Ya
07 Young Buck - Happy New Year
08 Young Buck - Steroidz
09 Young Buck - Rain Drops
10 Young Buck - Gang Juntion
11 Young Buck - Nigga Owe Me
12 Young Buck - Don't Wait Up
13 Young Buck - Fuck You
14 Young Buck - Tie The Bag Tight
15 Young Buck - Homecoming
16 Young Buck - Support
17 Young Buck - Trapstar
18 Young Buck - Pushin Dope
19 Young Buck - If I Have To
20 Young Buck - Lord Have Mercy
21 Young Buck - Anticipating
22 Young Buck - Breach Of Contract
23 Young Buck - The Morning Paper
24 Young Buck - Hit Em Up

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heavy cover
tebmu's picture

That Cover

You're right... I was thinking the same thing. Whoever made that cover is too talented for his/her own good. That ish could get somebody hurt. There was a cover a couple years ago showing Dipset in ballerina outfits that got things real heated in NY. No Skinny Jeans! It's a movement =>>
chop76's picture

Fuckin snow!

Woke up to 3 inches of fuckin snow, I cant even go to work to laugh at the Colts fans today! Wheres that Jeezy trap or Die 2? I got that Curren$y Smokee Robinson though and its fire like you'd will be on here soon I guess but....
Jack.Herer's picture

Yo chop

That Curren$y a new drop?
chop76's picture

Yep he dropped it at

Yep he dropped it at halftime last night
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Bobby Creek

Theres alot of good shit droppin today and this week, this Bobby Creek is pretty good...


i dont really listen to buck but i gave this a try im only on track 4 but this shit pretty hard especially number 1

Shit is hot

Shit is hot