Biggy Jiggy Mixtapes - Exclusive Tunes S.G. 28

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01 - Drake - Find Your Love Remix Feat Rick Ross C
02 - Cory Gunz - Struggle
03 - Drake - Miss Me Feat Lil Wayne Extended Snippe
04 - Curreny - In The Sun Feat French Montana
05 - Sean Kingston - My Girl Feat Trina Honorebel
06 - Fatman Scoop - I Wanna Get Drunk Feat Lil Jon T
07 - Nicki Minaj - Dang A Lang Feat Trina Lady Saw
08 - Fabolous - Cuff Yo Chick Feat Bow Wow
09 - Bobby Valentino - Phone Number Feat Plies
10 - Kid Cudi - Eps Feat Rich Hill
11 - Eminem - Atlanta On Fire Feat Stat Quo
12 - Fabolous - Long Gone
13 - Drake - Control Feat Olivia
14 - Game - My Bitch Remix Feat Richie Wess Juice
15 - Lil Wayne - Currency Feat Rick Ross Trina
16 - Nicki Minaj - Hello Good Morning Remix Feat R
18 - Rick Ross - Ghetto Dance Feat Range
19 - Common - Next Time Feat Queen Latifah Prod By
20 - Lil Wayne - My Generation Feat Damian Marley Na
21 - Eminem - The Rulers Back Feat Stat Quo Extend
22 - Game - I Am Bitches Feat Jim Jones Paypa
23 - Ti - What They Do Feat 8Ball Mjg
24 - Lil Wayne - Pussy Nigga Feat Jae Millz
25 - J Cole - Who Dat
26 - Glasses Malone - Got It Like That Feat Mack 10
27 - Fabolous - Bob Feat Jamie Drastik
29 - D Blaze - Sign In
30 - Styles P - Invincible Feat Tyler Woods
31 - Xv - Remember The Rain
32 - Ti - Welcome Back To The Trap
33 - Cashmere - The Real
34 - Jadakiss - Celebration
35 - Lil Wayne - Tattoo Foreva Feat T-Pain Travis Mc
36 - Slim Thug - Life Goes On Feat 8Ball Mjg
37 - Jadakiss - Money Hunt Feat Styles P
38 - Gudda Gudda - Hold Up Feat Killa Kyleon
39 - Rick Ross - Get It In Feat Lo-Boy
40 - Oj Da Juiceman - Caviar Feat Shanell
41 - Nerd - Hot N Fun Feat Nelly Furtado
42 - Jadakiss - Corte Ellis
43 - J Holiday - Go Home With You
44 - Ludacris - Love King Remix Feat The Dream
45 - Kelly Rowland - Commander
46 - Usher - Private Dancer Feat T-Pain
47 - Jamie Foxx - Did We Feat Tank
48 - Robin Thicke - Fall Again
49 - Trey Songz - Let U Down
50 - Kanye West - Fucking With Me Snippet

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Nice list of artist...What's

Nice list of artist...What's with the track list..It cuts off at the end where do I go to find out everything it says??
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goto datpiff it has the full

goto datpiff it has the full song names


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B-J use to be aiight

I don't rely on his tapes no more, he gone gay, i remember he started out with them gay azz Neyo trackz then it got worse, now he got Techno and Justin Bieber and shit on his tapez Boooo.. This had a couple of good trackz but they already out.
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Justin Bieber... his tapes are better used for party type atmosphere. def not to roll to or smoke to or kickin it with the fellas. dude does put some gay shit on them lately tho. but personally i like the good rnb artist. just not the pop shit. thats what he needs to get rid of...
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Mixtape aight...#track 29 wat ya think

The Mixtape is aight.....But wat ya'll think bout track #29 thats me and my all Gimme some feedback on it D Blaze "Da Prodigy Child"
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Dats a nice song yall made,

Dats a nice song yall made, nice flow, nice production, its some pretty good shit-$$ As Long As They Reppin It That's Wat Its All About $$

WTF?? man this playlist is

WTF?? man this playlist is fuckin WACK......i remember back in the day when biggy jiggy had all the bangers now this shit?? man what a waste, i could easily pull 50 tracks off my media player that are better than all these.
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for real. i could zune my

for real. i could zune my top rated playlist and any first 50 tracks would be better...
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My Zunelist

Man if i put my Zunelist on this mothafucka i would have the hottest fuckin mixtape this site has ever seen in all the days it's ever been up..
I have shit like Timeless classic Eastcoast, Westcoast and South real nigga street shit, that Real Lyrical deep shit, Ol'e Hardcore Grimy shoot a nigga in the face type shit,.... Club fightin shit, Just all out evil-demonic shit.... to that "laid back smoke a blunt and ride out and nobody betta not fuck up my high" type shit... to some of this new school "Boarderline Pop-hop happy ass trap" shit thats good for 2 weeks before it's trashed, and of course i got that "Bitch come to my car" type shit just in case ;-) ..
My Zune is on fiyah and im still collectin some rare 80's- early 90's shit thats hard to get because it's either banned or no longer in stock from local artist in Texas, Throughout Louisiana, Florida, Memphis etc.. i have 25,000+ songs mane i would shut this site down if i posted my music on here lol
      [- HBO/TREME -]
* I Bleed Black and Gold, (20-10 Saints gone make noise again) *
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Who do you listen to from

Who do you listen to from the westcoast as far as ol' skool 90's muzik goes? I bet you a Too Short type dude huh??
dninc's picture

Man so many from the westcoast on my shit..

I wasn't big into the Mainstream shit for a loooonnnggg time and really still not but i sometimes add a couple mainstream since the underground scene is pretty much gone and everybody tryin to get a big payday instead of releasin good music but man my i have nigga's ya'll mighta not heard of from Westcoast late 80's and 90's Like: Blackalicious, Zion i, Aceyalone, Del tha Funkee Homosapien, Hieroglyphics, Of Mexican Descent, Jurassic 5, The Coup, Dilated Peoples, Ozomotli, E-40, The Frontline, Andre Nicatina.. Whole lot more..
      [- HBO/TREME -]
* I Bleed Black and Gold, (20-10 Saints gone make noise again) *
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I got some Hieroglyphics,

I got some Hieroglyphics, Jrassic 5, I luv Dilated Peoples! Look up Psycho Realm they spit the truth!
dninc's picture

Psycho Realm

I got him too! lol.. i have beaucoup shit i haven't even digitized yet, still on Tapes, some Shit im able to get on blogs to download, some i have to buy on Ebay because they aint nowhere to be found but imma eventually have all my shit on my Zune soon.
      [- HBO/TREME -]
* I Bleed Black and Gold, (20-10 Saints gone make noise again) *
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planet asia went hard too,

planet asia went hard too, them cats were from the west coast
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Yung Screw you ever listen

Yung Screw you ever listen to K-otix, that shit hard. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout
Yung Screw 817's picture

Man whatever happen to them

Man whatever happen to them i aint heard of them in a minute! I use to have a cd from them called "Spontaneity" somebody stole that shit from my car a looong time ago.
thatsthatshit's picture

I dont know. I got the

I dont know. I got the "Universal" cd. Them doods should have blown up. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout
Yung Screw 817's picture


I dont know if you heard of this cat "Pimpsta" before if you havent you really need to check him out. This some ol' skool Dallas Tx muzik with a touch of westcoast gankzta rap. Shit is bangin!!! >>>
thatsthatshit's picture

I check em out. Who ever

I check em out. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout
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Damn homie

The coup? Yo them cats go hard on the production. U brought back some shit with that yo. Matter of fact imma bout to go knock summa that shit rite now. I Stay Reppin Dyt Oh.
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no doubt...
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So Many White Dudes On Here. Mixtape Evolution -- Better Music Than Your Bullshit. >>>Mr. Anticipation
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Being a child of da 90's, I

Being a child of da 90's, I listen 2 alot of da cats yall named off but also bein from da south dat's were my fav artists come from. What i would really like to see from dis site is a mix of classics from ugk (during da "Too Hard to Swallow" and "Super Tight" era) maybe sum Geto Boys and Outkast thrown in. $All*American*Bad*Boi$
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very nice list

very nice list