Biggy Jiggy Mixtapes - Exclusive Tunes 97

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01) The Game - Gangstas Ride Feat Jaz-O
02) Ludacris - Atlanta Ga Feat Gucci Mane The Drea
03) Drake - Killer Feat Nipsey Hussle
04) Lil Wayne - I Get It In Feat Omarion
05) Plies - Blockstars Feat Jim Jones Busta Rhymes
06) Snoop Dogg - Ice Cream Paint Job Remix Feat Ji
07) Rick Ross - Break Up Remix Feat Gucci Mane Ma
08) The Game - Pussy Monsters Feat Ludacris Prod
09) Drake - Successful 20 Feat Trey Songz
10) Ti - For Real
11) Snoop Dogg - Oh Yeah Feat Jaicko
12) Yung Joc - Birds Feat Gucci Mane Oj Da Juiceman
13) Trick Daddy - Ruby Red
14) Young Buck - Breach Of Contract
15) Gucci Mane - Ask Me If I Give A Fuck Feat Young
16) Fabolous - Guess Whos Back Feat Sev-One
17) Jadakiss - Heard Of Us Remix Feat Sheek Louch
18) Joe Budden - We Outta Here Feat Crooked I Joell
19) Snoop Dogg - Hot Girl Feat Belly
20) Ludacris - Patna Dem Feat Lil Scrappy
21) Rick Ross - Put Em On Me Feat Cash Chris
22) Nob - Final Straw
23) Drake - Cannonball Remix Feat Jae Millz Gudda
24) Jadakiss - Live My Life Feat Jaenom
25) Lloyd Banks - Return Of The Real
26) Young Buck - Anticipating
27) Sheek Louch - This Is D-Block Feat Styles P Bul
28) Joe Budden - Connect 4 Feat Young Chris
29) Nipsey Hussle - Streets Keep Starving Feat Noah
30) Snoop Dogg - Relax Feat Kevin Cossom
31) Freeway - We All In Feat Jay Rock Balance
32) T-Pain - Look The Other Way Feat Tight
33) Fabolous - I Need A Girl Remix Feat Trey Songz
34) R Kelly - I Had A Dream
35) Raekwon - 100 Miles And Running Feat Warren G N
36) Keri Hilson - Getcha Money Up Remix Feat Keysh
37) Trey Songz - Keyz Remix Feat Rico Breed
38) Rick Ross - Sky Line Feat Trina
39) Gucci Mane - Just A Girl Feat Bri
40) Trey Songz - Say Aah
41) Pitbull - Girls
42) Nicki Minaj - Handstand Feat Shanell
43) Ne-Yo - Hurry Up
44) Bobby Valentino - Rewind

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looks ok but dat lil wayne and omarion song doesnt look dat interstin plus i thought omarion got dropped from yung money or he left wat ever happened
dninc's picture

Omarion and Young Money.

First of all the tape is Good.. But i have to cherry pick through this to actually listen so..
Secondly.. Omarion Said on his twitter page he wasn't dropped from Young Money for leaking that song "I get it in Ft Wayne".. He asked to be released from the label to do something else without no beef with the Roster or whatever
[-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
SeanWade4287's picture

yea i think if i was a

yea i think if i was a rapper right now young money would be the only place i would want to be
who cares's picture

wtf?! dats the las place i

wtf?! dats the las place i wud wnt 2 b. Evry1 on there is a tight pant wearin fag. Drake = Btch, Lil Wayne = Fell Off
Yung Screw 817's picture


the only thing that fell off iz ur dicc bruh... weezy go HAWD!! i dont kno about dat metallica trip he on but i think iz just a fade. He soon find out iz not workin for him and he'll let it go..... Drake iz homo so im wit u on dat one. --no nutz no glory--
true_hustlin's picture


so lets get it straight drake is a fag and you dont like him, then how do you like wayne when drake has been writing most of his shit for a while now?
Yung Screw 817's picture


were u there? are u positve about dat?? were u in the studio when drake was doin the actual writing??? i didnt think so! done believe everything u hear... monkey azz nigga. weezy dont need nobody. he's a self made millionaire since he was 12! --no nutz no glory--
true_hustlin's picture


i didnt take it there i just was wondering why your great weezy would bring up a complete 'homo' by your own admission... oh and as the story goes i think that wayne needed birdman, not quite selfmade but that is cool, and i dont think that he did anything by age twelve other than a school play unless you count shooting yourself.


I'm just here to FLAME the fuck out of young.. oh I'm sorry I mean "YUNG" fucking ignorant ass bitch, LAME ass screw.. I don't give a fuck about the tape uploaded, haven't even listened to it! matter of fact, GRATS@ the uploader Screw I honestly hope you die, Yeah nigga keep talking that shit in the "HOOD" that you supposedly live in! R.O.F.L you are so goddamn lame. Please kill yourself
J-Merk's picture

Is that even english?

Yung Screw 817 wrote:
the only thing that fell off iz ur dicc bruh... weezy go HAWD!!
God, damn I'm getting old you little niggas confuse the fuck outta me with this new "slang" shit, man.. I tell ya, I 'member back in the day when niggas could speak English and shit, you know? Niggas, at least tried to spell proper I mean they'd add a z were an s went and shit, but, it all sounded decent but who the hell puts a God damn W were a God damn R goes? Hmm!? Can ya tell me 'dat and God damn it when you speak about a nigga, you spell his name with a fucking capital! "The only thing that fell off, is your (yo, if you insist on being ignorant) dick brah. Weezy goes hard!" is that so fucking hard to type? Fuck the commas and shit, just get the fucking spelling correct motherfucker. GOD DAMN IT HOW THE HELL. CAN YOU NOT SPELL A GOD DAMN WORD BUT YOU'RE ALLOWED TO USE A FUCKING COMPUTER!? Shit doesn't make any fucking sense! That'd be like letting a retard fly a fuckin' plane. The shit is gonna end bad EVERY TIME!
TheHarshOne's picture

well said fam

~TheHarshOne~ ~Veteran~ Yonkers, Ny - SK, Canada WebMaster for Canada Raps holla at me to be featured


Finally someone who thinks that his LANGUAGE isn't even of this fucking planet. That ain't slang hes typing, That mother fucker doesn't have his mind correct what so ever, If you read all of his comments you'd die of a brain rupture trying to decipher his bullshit.
Yung Screw 817's picture


ya sum funni niqqaz mane............. lol! --no nutz no glory--

"ya sum funni niggaz mane...

"ya sum funni niggaz mane... lol!" Translated.. Your some funny niggas man..... Damn its work helping you out with your ABC's. Dumb shit.
who cares's picture

Damn lmao

Damn lmao
Yung Screw 817's picture

nigga who u tryin to diss

u cant even spell ur fucking name. is blackout not whatever u wrote there lil man?? ur pathetic homey. --no nutz no glory--

LOL now you are definitly a idiot

The way its spelled is a certain type of typing, I KNOW HOW THE FUCK ITS SPELLED! You keep calling me lil man like your bigger than me, You are garbage "DJ SCREW" Once again. Go back to your SPED class's. What mix tapes have you put out? Id love to hear some of the garbage I'm sure your collection is full of. Fuck off bitch
who cares's picture

No Homie Wayne USED 2 go

No Homie Wayne USED 2 go hard. Not no mo. Trust me i used 2 luv Wayne's muzik & it's sad that he had a huge talent but he let the money go 2 his head
SeanWade4287's picture

well maybe we don't see eye

well maybe we don't see eye to eye, who cares, but i think if you want to be a popular rapper that's where to be right now.

i aint really a jiggy fan.

i aint really a jiggy fan. But i am a fan of Keri Hilson...but only when she poses like least i think thats keri hilson..
Yung Screw 817's picture

letz get it crackin'

too many white ppl up in here. i feel like im in a saltine box. looks like i made alotta crackaz mad? everybody hatin now. before i got my account all ya bytches were keepin it on the down low. frontin like ya was blk... lol! now dat i made a couple of ya look bad everybody showin there true colors now. im glad. now we know whos who in this bytch. time to seperate the real from the fake. i dont know why all ya crackaz up in here anyway? shouldnt ya be somewhere else talkin about rock muzik?? this rap/hiphop only. wtf ya know about this shyt??? ya dont live this life. this a movie for ya bytch made wiggaz. Pac was right. "everybody wants to be like us" no wonder white chicks luv this dick. ya crackaz are a buncha fucking lames!!!!!!!!!! --no nutz no glory--
Yung Screw 817's picture


b14k0ut7=cracka, who cares=craka, j-merk=cracka, chop76=cracka, gaygayfemini=cracka, theharshone=cracka obviously, purpehaze=cracka too, bigburd=cracka, bole420=cracka, muthafuckinchad=cracka 4sho! snipsukzdic=crackerrr, mr.southwest=craaacaka!... ECT,ECT,ECT!!! buncha vanilla icy's and marky markz in this ho! if i forgot about u dont feal bad. drop me a line and i be sure to put u down on the next one..... LOL!!! --no nutz no glory--
who cares's picture

Aww how sweet. U on my dick

Aww how sweet. U on my dick so much u put me in your list of dudes u masturbate 2. lmao fuckin faggot
chop76's picture

Yea you forgot a name, yung

Yea you forgot a name, yung screw, cause there isnt any black people this mad at white people just for being white, unless you got molested by your white gym teacher, or your white step daddy beats your lil ass. Fucking Dolomite didnt say cracka this fucking much. You try so fucking hard to "sound black" with your spelling I know your white, and I know your a bitch cause any real motherfucker that reads this will co-sign that the person that talks the most shit is the weakest bitch in the room!
MuthafuckinChad79's picture

Bitch one of the realist

Bitch one of the realist muthfukkas in da game was Chad you fuckin clown...stfu with yo fake as bullshit....I make u suck my dick like a bitch & swallow like your ur girl & ur mom does nighty...u would like that salty ass shit too fake ass wanna be....crakka HA! Get ur weight up bitch...nothin but pushin weight...shootin roids..& fightin over here....u wouldnt last 30 seconds in my shoes u size 5 wearin ass girl...yeah I make a movie its call Screw gettin screwed by this white bread crakka chad.... PimpC in yo ass hahahahaha


I thought you were'nt putting my name in anymore of your illiterate writings? You're still asking for more? I never even said shit back besides making you look bad in the last message you sent me.. quit sending me messages you fucking flaming pole smoker. You just mentioned everyone who MAKES you look bad in your last post. Good job =]
varximus's picture


Biggy tape's are intant download to me, but now he drops two tapes.???WTF
sylnc's picture

damn fools

y do ya'll keep arguin back and forth with this kid, he just like the attention. if u ignore him he'll eventually stop runnin his mouth about nonsense. its the fuckin internet, whu are u tryin to act so tough. its easy to talk shit behind a keyboard about cracker this homo that. grow the fuck up and stop the bullshit and just post on the tape
Yung Screw 817's picture


succ my dick bob --no nutz no glory--
Jericko's picture

tru shit [sylnc]

realest shit i heard somebody say in a while...
bole420's picture


growth & development...ill just pick the ones i like from both tapes and make me a BJ tape that i can just let it play no doubt.
true_hustlin's picture


that was probably my fault, i didn't mean to get him started, i just really don't understand how someone could be on weezy's dick so much and then hate drake when weezy is the one bringing him up. not to mention say that weezy hasn't fallen off, but in the next sentence say that you don't like the rock shit when that is all he is putting out right now...hence the definition of fallen off= not making good music right now... if you notice he ignores the points i made to retort his statements. Weezy wasn't self made and definitely not by 12...fools can't bring facts. .
da dopeman's picture

Awww yeah

Damn have I been waiting on this. My musical life the past 2 weeks has suffered from no new Exclusive Tunes tape...anyways, looks good. Yes, even though by now most of these tracks are old, A) the sound quality on any Biggy Jiggy mixtape is superior, and B) he still gets 90% of the shit before anyone else
who cares's picture

i'm srry dude but any of da

i'm srry dude but any of da good shit he puts on his tapes 1 already hav a week in advance. So there's no way he get's it before anyone else. Hell I should start makin a mixtape series. No R&B bullshit, no corny rap, jus straight pure hip hop
dninc's picture

Most of the time.. not all the time

Most of the time.. Not all the time, it's this site thats at fault for issuing these tapes out a week or more slow, and it's not really on the Moderators either because mostly all they do is accept the incoming submissions from people who took the time to upload their shit to a torrent site and then give them the torrent to share, then the mods gotta verify it's being seeded and then post it.
Your better off going to a site that has the Mixtapes on things like Rapidshare, Megashare etc.. But the problem with those is your better off "buying an account" .
Thats where this site solved that problem, you have to sacrifice a lil lateness to not have to pay for a online file sharing site, Torrents are free and probably always will be, if more people uploaded To Torrent sites, we'd get shit faster, but the File sharing sites had drained the popularity from Torrents so i keep like 8 sites Bookmarked so i make sure i get the shit the day it's ever online.
So yeah it's not always Biggy Jiggy or any DJ fault for old shit, most of that shit is distributed the same day to mostly all the big time DJ's and some know where to go to get them fast. Oddly enough youtube gets most of the Singles teh fastest and sometimes whole mixtapes are on there faster than all these sites.
[-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
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screw screw

screw yo 1 homo that eats a dick pretty well
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masters's picture

straight up..

straight up.. half of you all need to grow the f*ck up, just download the mixtape and go on your way and stop talking sh*t to each other as if its gonna get u anywhere