2Eleven - The Redprint (Hosted By DJ Whoo Kid)

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01 - August 30Th
02 - Change The Game
03 - The Rulers Back Ft Slick Pulla
04 - Inhp
05 - Soon
06 - Im From Inglewood
07 - That Nigga
09 - Kingdom
10 - Ride Or Die
11 - Psa
12 - On To The Next
13 - Show Me What You Got
14 - Girls
15 - Feelin It
16 - The Reminder

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is this the guy from CTE is

is this the guy from CTE is he any good never heard him by himself
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he decent and this a decent tape i think 211 is the more lyrical one outta cte.... -WHO SAYS HIP HOP IS DEAD-
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ye he is

YEA HE IS THE MOST LYRICAL BUT 2 BAD HE AINT WITH CTE NO MORE HE LEFT HE GOT INPATIENT WITH JEEZY 'Cause I'ma dopefiend baby, I don't know why All I wanna do is get high-AFROMAN
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CTE westttt

this dude 211 is hot coming out the west coast,
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This tape alrite nothin new 5/10
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I went to elementary school with this cat. Inglewood california. B4 I joined the navy I used to see him all the time on the block where I lived. He's legit and I'll always support people that I know personally. He used to be the type of dude in elementary that always was baggin on people and always had jokes. he was pretty witty so its no surprise he ended up rappin. I remember the first time I seen him on one of the first young jeezy videos and I was like WTF? that was kinda funny. his first name is Rondy lol

I ain't knockin the tape but...

This nigga swagga jackin "...and I'm still high from yesterday "


Jeezy been doing that alot lately with artists, he did that to ray rizzy a second ago got him signed to CTE for a second see what the buzz is on the mixtapes then cats just get pushed back for theyre albums. Idk man, probly the one camp that seems to bring out artists and give em a good backing is ROC NATION, that J.cole cat got a good flow and he been given a chance im a download this and see if its GOOD.
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mite be old but dude go in

mite be old but dude go in

Has Potential no question !

Nice tape !!!! Good beats and Lyrics are on point this guy has potential. He really KILLS "Change The Game" this is worth a download just for that track !!!