Slick Pulla - Uday Hussein


01 Slick Pulla - Uday Skit 1
02 Slick Pulla - They Say [Prod. By Lil Lody]
03 Slick Pulla - Clams And Mussels (Feat. Cord Dibiase) [Prod. By Izze The Producer]
04 Slick Pulla - Ape Shit (Feat. Young Jeezy & Grands) [Prod. By Izze The Producer]
05 Slick Pulla - Show Ya Sumthin' [Prod. By Fate Eastwood]
06 Slick Pulla - Pushin' Pillows [Prod. By Fate Eastwood]
07 Slick Pulla - Uday Skit 2
08 Slick Pulla - Real Nigga Shit (Feat. The Congressmen) [Prod. By Vaeda Boy]
09 Slick Pulla - Jugg (Feat. Kc) [Prod. By Beatmonsters] 10 Slick Pulla - Off On (Feat. 2Win) [Prod. By Pay Attention Productions]
11 Slick Pulla - Beepers (Feat. Dolla Boy) [Prod. By Izze The Producer]
12 Slick Pulla - My Birds (Feat. Chiko]
13 Slick Pulla - We Da Champs (Feat. Nufsed) [Prod. By Beezy Of I.S.G]
14 Slick Pulla - Fly Away (Feat. Grands) [Prod. By Beatmonsters]
15 Slick Pulla - Uday Skit 3
16 Slick Pulla - New Beginning Freestyle
17 Slick Pulla - Mile High Club (Feat. Nufsed) [Prod. By Spookdamonster]

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Slick P has always been underrated... Real Hip-Hop/Rap

The Rap Game now is full of so many posers, it's ridiculous. Nothing but fags with a bunch of tattoos in skinny jeans, snapbacks, and v-neck shirts. lol
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I like this mixtape so far

I like this mixtape so far beats and vocals match good with beats, and I would say the beats are pretty decent got my vote.