Young Jeezy - The Takeover (Leak off Trap Or Die 2)

Trap Or Die 2 mixtape release party is this Saturday Feb 6th...look out for the tape to leak shortly thereafter.

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Jeezy and Drama, back where

Jeezy and Drama, back where it all started, hope Trap or Die 2 is better than this song though. Songs not bad but its nothing that you'd be tellin anybody about. Who was making Jeezys beats back in Thug Moto 101? I miss that eerie horror movie sound that Jeezy started out with
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not good

this not good but the dick riders may love it TM103! COMING SOON GO COP ONE... $ pants on the ground lookn like fool with ah blunt in his mouth knot in his pocket.....


yo this shit is flame.take that shit

better b good

better b good