Wiz Khalifa - The Chronic 2010



1. (00:02:46) Wiz Khalifa - Familiar
2. (00:03:12) Wiz Khalifa - Good Life
3. (00:03:53) Wiz Khalifa - Real Estate
4. (00:00:55) Wiz Khalifa - I Know
5. (00:04:50) Wiz Khalifa - Fuck The Money
6. (00:02:20) Wiz Khalifa - Funk Flex
7. (00:03:02) Wiz Khalifa - Stuntin'
8. (00:03:32) Wiz Khalifa - Who U Are
9. (00:04:17) Wiz Khalifa - Up
10. (00:03:42) Wiz Khalifa - Favorite
11. (00:03:12) Wiz Khalifa - Star Of The Show
12. (00:03:26) Wiz Khalifa - Bad Guy
13. (00:03:41) Wiz Khalifa - In My Car
14. (00:03:12) Wiz Khalifa - Cypher
15. (00:02:44) Wiz Khalifa - Huey Newton
16. (00:04:01) Wiz Khalifa - Star
17. (00:03:38) Wiz Khalifa - Black And Yellow

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Super Old

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newbornhippy's picture

wow fuck the cover

wow fuck the cover art. someone had the balls to do this. wiz you wish this was chronic worthy.
Certified Gee's picture

wiz had no say in this and

wiz had no say in this and its not even an official mixtape stop hating bitch* iiN ThE CuT RoLLiiN DooBies UPP *

What the fuck you no bout The fuckin Chronic anyway,white girl?

This cover go hard! As much as this nigga talk about weed I would expect him to do some shit like this. Taylor Gang or fuck ^Kat Stacks^. Yeah and shit is old. 3/10 " FUCK A BUGATTI, BITCH I RIDE CUTLASS "
Trap800's picture


It's a Disgrace to the chronic.
newbornhippy's picture

hella disgrace straiiight

hella disgrace straiiight


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EASTYSIDE323's picture

Yea thkis old

EASTSIDE OF THkA 110 WE BUSTA KILLAZ........(i cant stand bitch ass nigga)
She.Need.A.Beat's picture

what do ya see in wiz khalifa

???? all I see is a pot head whose rhyming abilities isn't up to par...nevermind. I forgot its all whole new breed of Hip Hop Heads.Its Becoming More and More Of a Circus Act...this download wasn't worth it :(


If u cant relate dont listen to it, bcuz u just dont get it. This here muzik is mainly for smokerz only. So take ur pointdexter azz somewhere with all dat hatin NOOB!
She.Need.A.Beat's picture


Get Off His Dick Bitch..stop riding comments.
rIChsmONeys's picture

Cmon Son!!

Fresh, new, different, creative. Words that are used when discussing Wiz. Regardless of how you feel about weed, Wiz is different then what you hear nowadays. That line of "new hip hop heads" is rediculous. Selling drugs and gangbanging is ALL you hear nowadays (unless you expand your music search). Yes, all Wiz talks about is smoking. But to the people listening, thats all they are doing, so it works. Stop the hatred playa