DJ Young Cee Presents - Wiz Khalifa Vs Tyga


01. Wiz Khalifa- This Plane
02. Tyga- G Shit Ft Chris Brown
03. Wiz Khalifa- Black & Yellow (Produced By Dj Young Cee & Cookin Soul)
04. Tyga- Loyalty
05. Wiz Khalifa- Never Been
06. Tyga- I'm So Raw
07. Wiz Khalifa- Freestyle
08. Tyga- Deuces Ft Drake, Kanye West, & T.I
09. Wiz Khalifa- The Kid Frankie
10. Tyga- I'm The Shit
11. Wiz Khalifa- In My Car Ft Juicy J
12. Tyga- Like Me
13. Wiz Khalifa- Damn It Feels Good To Be A Taylor
14. Tyga- Sayin This
15. Wiz Khalifa- Ink My Whole Body
16. Tyga- Holla At Me
17. Wiz Khalifa- Still Blazin
18. Tyga- First Time Ft Pharell Williams
19. Wiz Khalifa- Good Dank
20. Tyga- Cali Love
21. Wiz Khalifa- The Statement

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Damn Wiz taking over! Now all this punk ass djs have their lips around this niggas dick, and forgot about Wayne & Drake!

That's the way it's supposed to be

While these stupid ass niggas who thought they was runnin shit stay gettin locked up, smart niggas like Wiz are takin over and takin all the money and all the bitches. Hell he probably got some of T.I. and Lil'Wayne groupies under his belt. LMFAO, Taylor Gang or sew your asshole shut and feed yourself! FUCK YOUNG MONEY! " FUCK A BUGATTI, BITCH I RIDE CUTLASS "


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This nigga gonna do time too

This nigga gonna do time too all the dobe he smoke and how he flaunts that shit all over the net and in his music. Still Wiz go hard his kush and OJ tape was bumpin gonna give this shit a go even though I personally don't like that nigga tyga or whatever.
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i really dislike tyga. love wiz but mixtape is ruined now with tyga in it wont bump this at all now