Unique Squared & Quality Control Present - The Official SXSW Mixtape


01 Nio Tha Gift, Al Gator - Do You Agree (Prod By Imakemadbeats)
02 Skipp Coon, Catalyst - Any Means Necessary (Prod By Trox)
03 Artifacts - Turn It Out (Prod By King I Divine)
04 Big Rec - Bak Atcha (Prod By 44Th P)
05 One Way - Freestyle (Prod By Martin)
06 Ro Spit - All Alone (Prod By Apollo Brown)
07 J-Live - No Quarter (Prod By D.R.U.G.S.)
08 Gods'illa - Crazy (Prod By House Shoes)
09 Midaz The Beast - Headshots (Prod By Vanderslice)
10 Khaleel - Friday Night Fights (Prod By Panik)
11 Tzarizm, Synopse - Proceed With Caution (Prod By Dynamite Bros.)
12 Various - Shoutroludes (Prod By Dynamite Bros. + Arablak)
13 Niyat - Our Town (Prod Sureshot Brothers)
14 Hanif Wondir - Freestyle (Prod By Meks)
15 Foul Mouth Jerk - Freestyle (Prod By Crazy Dj Bazarro Of Beatminerz)
16 Dynas - Van Gogh (Prod By Von Pea)
17 Th3Rd - Th3Rd (Prod By Kels Of Tn2 Productions)
18 D.O.S., Chi-Ill - Gimme My Space (Prod By Big Rus)
19 Tef Poe, Cool Nutz, Mikey Vegaz - Good Man (Prod By Jony Fraze)
20 J. Sands - Freestyle (Prod By Crazy Dj Bazarro Of Beatminerz)
21 Skewby - Freestyle (Prod By Vinroc)
22 Infinito 2017 - Things Just Ain't Right (Prod By D.R.U.G.S.)
23 Jae Musick, Capitalss - I'm Gone (Prod By Von Pea)
24 Truthlive, Thaione Davis, The 17Th - The 9Th Inning (Victory) (Prod By Tone Beatz)
25 Bosko, Yonas, Punchline - My Style Is Major (Prod By Keelay)
26 Tanya Morgan, Che Grand, King Mez, Skyzoo - Without Hands (Prod By Veterano)
27 Nick Javas, Khaleel - Unfortunate (Prod Dynamite Bros.)
28 4-Ize - People (Prod By Von Pea)
29 Moe Green - Every Step (Prod Generik)
30 Jon Hope, Fokis, Casual - Actual Fact (Prod By Jake One)
31 Various - Outro (Prod By D.R.U.G.S.)

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MidwestBest765's picture

this shit good? [I'd rather

this shit good? [I'd rather bang Screw!!]
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These Katz go hard!

Not sure where they are from but they go hard in the Muthafukin paint!!