DJ Arkane & Cashis - Bogish Boy Vol 4



1. Jackin 4 Beats
2. Be What It Be (prod by Rikanatti)
3. They Bangaz (prod by Rikanatti)
4. Hat 2 Tha Right Side (prod by Rikanatti)
5. Not A Problem (prod by Rikanatti)
6. Im Gettin Green
7. Braceup (prod by Rikanatti)
8. Adrenaline Rush (prod by Rikanatti)
9. GZ' Up (prod by Rikanatti)
10. I Sit Bacc (prod by Rikanatti)
11. Product (prod by C Major)
12. Supremeraceshady (prod by Rikanatti)
13. U Aint Crazy
14. Storys Of A Real ***** (prod by Rikanatti)
15. Hip Hop Cops
16. Crowning
17. Livin 4 Real (prod by Rikanatti)
18. So Ghetto Flow
19. Still Tippin
20. Spazz Out (prod by Rikanatti)

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Doesn't Matter If There Old. It's Ca$his, Its SHADY/Aftermath Fam., Its Rap Domination. Be on the look o ut For 1) Stat Quo's: STATlanta" 2) Bobby Creekwater's: Brilliant Mistake 3) D-12's: NBK 3) Busta Rhymes': Blessed 4) Bishop Lamont's: Reformation 5) Dr. Dre's: Detox 6) Eminem's: King Mathers 7) Obie Trice's: Bottoms Up 8) Ca$his: Loose Cannon Get These Others: Nas: Nigger The Game: LAX Clyde Carson: Theater Music Young Buck: Product of the South Ya Boy: Rookie Of The Year Ice Cube: Raw Footage Juice: The Anticipated Snoop Dogg: Malice In Wonderland