SQ1: Lil Wayne & The Sqad

There was a young rapper dreaming about being the President of a multi-
million dollar record label and one of the illest emcees to come from the
place they call Da Nolia. That young rapper was Lil' Wayne and that was
back in 1999 when Weezy was part of a rap group Sqad Up compiled of
Gudda Gudda, Young Yo, Nutt Da Kidd, T Streets & Supa Blanco. With
these guys no longer a group, this CD brings you earlier Weezy F. sh*t.

1 - Lil' Wayne - ‘Oh Boy’ Freestyle
2 - Lil' Wayne - ‘Ether’ Freestyle
3 - Lil' Wayne - ‘Oops’ Freestyle
4 - Lil' Wayne & Sqad Up - Sqad Shit
5 - Lil' Wayne & Sqad Up - We Ain't Going No Where
6 - Sqad Up - Gudda Be In Something Wide
7 - Lil' Wayne & Sqad Up - We In The Scene
8 - Lil' Wayne & Sqad Up - We Are Brothas
9 - Lil' Wayne & Sqad Up - This Be The Shit
10 - Lil' Wayne & Sqad Up - I'm Gangsta
11 - Lil' Wayne - ‘Oh, Oh’ Freestyle
12 - Lil' Wayne & Sqad Up - Roc The Mic #1
13 - Lil' Wayne & Sqad Up - Roc The Mic #2
14 - Lil' Wayne & Sqad Up - Throwing It Up
15 - Lil' Wayne & Sqad Up - Ready Or Not
16 - Lil' Wayne & Sqad Up - ‘Meet The Sqad’ Freestyle
17 - Lil' Wayne & Sqad Up - Hoes, Hoes, Hoes
18 - Lil' Wayne & Sqad Up - They Love The S-Q-A-D


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MFIZZEL..jus wonderin!?

Gotta Love the ol' school Wizzle but jus wondering mfizzle if youll bring SQ2-SQ6 as well, cause that 2002-2003 Wayne shit is grimey as hell, and I wouldnt mind havving those 6 albums! Thanks again homeboy!
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young yo? nutt da kidd!? is

young yo? nutt da kidd!? is that michael jackson aka nutt da kidd? cuz he be nuttin on da kids

Yeah I agree...them SQAD

Yeah I agree...them SQAD albums was what that was....


how do u download this mixtape or any mixtape that dont have an attachment
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Dedication part 1

Yo, where can I get his at...
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Dedication part 1

Yo, where can I get this at...

yo im tryin to download this

yo im tryin to download this mixtape n i cant .. this shit is mad hot i gotta have it

gddd 1

gdd torrent

how do i dl ?

how do i dl ?

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here is how u can download this shit

bobbynguyenq wrote:
how do i dl ?

just click on the mufuckin link and u'll be ready to go
but yo make sure u got winrar or winzip so u can get access to the files aight....
git at me if u havin' trouble downloadin dis shit.....

yeah i'm fly bitch!!!!!!!!

cant download

cant download Lil Wayne and the Squad mixtape does anyone have attachment
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Way to post there my main wo / man!