Papoose Mixtape Collection (13 Tapes)


Can't get enough of Papoose? Here's 13 classic papoose mixtapes which includes "Underground King", "A Moment Of Silence", "Mixtape Murder", "Menace To Society", "Sharades", "Election Day", "The Beast From The East", "A Bootleggers Nightmare", "Street Knowledge", "A Threat And A Promise", "Boyz N Da Hood", "The Nacirema Dream" and "Unfinished Business (The Best Of Papoose)".

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If anyone is experiencing slow downloads be calm. This is a new torrent and a very large one so its taking some time for people get complete the full download espically with only me at the moment sharing the whole file. Also over 130 are currently downloading it so just be calm in the next day or so plenty of people will finish and hopefully they will seed :-D. So just be calm keep downloads up because even if you have some of the file you will still be sharing towards other people.
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Why is nothing downloading off this site

check the download guide &

check the download guide & use azureus
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i used to download off of

i used to download off of here using my client but recently its not been connecting to seeds.

Good looks

I don't care if it takes a month to download. Thanks for the hook up