OG Ron C - H-Town Tribute 2 B.I.G.

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1.Kick In The Door H-Town Intro
2.Mo Money Mo Problems
3.Friend Of Mine
4.Only You Ft 112
6.Everyday Struggles
8.Ready 2 Die
9.One More Chance (Hip Hop Remix)
10.Get Money
11.Sky Is The Limit
12.Notorious Thugs (Lets Ride) Ft Bone Thugs
13.Dead Wrong Ft Eminem
14.Big Poppa
16.Fucking You Tonight Ft R Kelly
18.Things Done Changed
19.10 Crack Commandments
20.Cant You See Ft. Total
21.Gimme The Loot Ft. Easyyvessaint (The Niceguys)

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Thats Whats Up!

Some More Of That Og Ron C, Man This Nikka Dropping Some Good Shit, And RIP Biggie Smalls

You kiddin me, this shits

You kiddin me, this shits GOOD, What the Fuck is up with all the haters sayin that it can't be good because it comes from this Artist or from that DJ that lives from where I don't... Fuckin listen and if it sounds good, respect it. Big Poppa R.I.P.
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Stop it 5.....

Sorry, Nice Try.... But Biggie is not meant to be Chop & Screwed... Jst sounds really stupid... All That Og Ron C Did was slow-mo Biggie tracks...2/10
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It's A H Town Thang

But You Wouldnt Understand.


For once i agree with this mofo above me. Like he said "Is an H-Town thang". If you aint on some kind of high syrup or bud dont even try to bump this pointdexter... Nice drop, Ron C needs to drop more ganxta shit and less R&B bullshit.

i agree with u, fucking

i agree with u, fucking tired of all that r'nb bullshit. Waiting for rasta love part 2 tho
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shyyt, thats the first thing

shyyt, thats the first thing i heard chopped and screwed
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yeah bruh, i'm from

yeah bruh, i'm from brooklyn... but I always had love for the screw movement. this is a great look G.D.P. www.myspace.com/bigonbeats www.myspace.com/gdpproductions
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My prayers have been answered and i get some non r&b or all texas artist screwed up thanks.-hating thats what you do best-
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Thanx.. added to my Screwed collection.
      Reppin that *504 and 813*
* I Bleed Black and Gold, (20-10 Saints gone make noise again) *
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R&B Bullshit

Ron C been on that R&B Bullshit for a minute, but that's his claim to fame w/ the fuckaction series. Someone should scan thru all the DJ SCREW TAPES and pull all the Pac songs, man R.I.P Screw!!! Nah what I'm sayin'!!!*Get It How Ya Live*


Some one tell O.G. Ron C. to fire dj candle slopp and get back on some 1200's, Like everyone else I was glad to see a non r&b or alternative rock mixtape, but when I heard this I was disappointd, sounds like what my neighbor does on his computer. Were is Summer 2k10?
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It's a TRILL thing

I aint from H-Town. I've never even been to Texas. I just got love for the whole screwed up movement. Like Pimp say "R.I.P. Robert Davis he the king of the south anything else said need to shut your fuckin' mouth". Anyways this tape has to be bangin. Good choices on the track selection. I just hope it's really not slopped up. OG Roc C needs drop a H-Town Tribute to Pac for sure. I'll be waitin. [I'd rather bang Screw!!]
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bihh u sleep as hell u aint

bihh u sleep as hell u aint gotta be on syrup and shit to jam slowed music tampas been jammim slowed down music longer than houston and we dont sip none of that shit houston jus made it popular wit the syrup jus chill ill jam slowed down music till i die bih ive been doin it since i was 11 and im 27
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Wha da fuk you smokin

Nigga jump yo azz in the gulf w/ all dat oil w/ dat bullshit...how you gonna jam something where it originated from Niggaz in da' H been jammin screw b4 Tampa Screw by DJ Screw you probably been on some "slowed" down shit in Tampa! Slopped up bullshit. It's only a few niggaz that can really duplicated the "screw" sound *Get It How Ya Live*


Tampa bump SLOWED muzik.... In Texas we bump CHOPPED & SCREWED BABY!!!
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They think it's the same shit when i be bumpin it around here in tampa,
I got into that lil debate with a homeboy outchea nigga was swearin to god Tampa/Tallahassee/Jacksonville/Orlando/Burg started the Slowed movement and H-Town Took it and did something different with it (C&S) and made it famous.. Only thing they started out here was Juken music, slowed music started in Dade County and got famous in Hillsborough... but whateva shit.. after a while i let em think what they wanna think and look stupid sayin that shit to somebody else while i blow smoke and chuckle...
      Reppin that *504 and 813*
* I Bleed Black and Gold, (20-10 Saints gone make noise again) *
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We jam pac screwed its only fair we jam biggie screwed 2 R.I.P Big, Pimp, Pac, And Screw
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Biggie R.I.P....
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It ain't screwed

If you Screw didn't make it [I'd rather bang Screw!!]
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Not OG Ron C

This isnt OG Ron C choppin these songs, its Dj Candlestick...Its pretty good but the songs arent exactly blended/mixed into the next track...the songs just kind of cut out and then its the next song...d/l and make your own playlist out of this!!!