Notorious B.I.G. - March 9

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01 02:14 Suicidal Thoughts (Renegade Remix)
02 02:52 Ready To Die
03 05:16 Niggaz Bleed (Streight Up Remix)
04 03:20 Dead Wrong (Stop Schemin Remix)
05 01:36 Dead Wrong Feat. Eminem (Remix)
06 03:23 Kick In The Door (Brooklyn Remix)
07 05:02 Real Niggas Do Real Things (Remix)
08 04:37 WhatÆs Beef Feat. Mos Def (March 9 Remix)
09 02:38 Things Done Changed (Simple Remix)
10 01:51 Things Done Changed (Memory Lane Remix)
11 02:55 10 Crack Commandments (Cake Remix)
12 03:06 Deadly Combination Feat. 2pac & Big L (Above The Cloud
13 01:40 Seven Mack 11s Freestyle (Beware Remix)
14 02:53 Dangerous McÆs (Wild Remix)
15 02:58 Last Day Feat. Nas (Criminology Remix)
16 02:01 The What (Triumph Remix)
17 02:17 From A Young GÆs Perspective (March 9 Remix)
18 04:31 My Downfall (Frank White Remix)
19 01:01 Long Kiss Part 2 (Here I Go Remix)
20 01:59 Long Kiss Part 1 (Menace Remix)
21 03:56 Gimme The Loot Feat. Mop (Remix)
22 02:07 Machine Gun Funk (Make Room Remix)
23 02:31 Niggas (BDP Remix)
24 02:38 Who Shot Biggie Smalls (March 9 Remix)
25 04:28 Somebody Got To Die Feat. Jay-Z (Threat Remix)
26 03:37 You're Nobody Til' Somebody Kills You
27 02:29 Miss U

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Thats whats up..But every

Thats whats up..But every Biggie mixtape thats out is missing one of the best tracks he's done.. Tracy Lee & Biggie- Keep your hands high.. Thats heat right there..Holla

I agree thats whats missing

I agree thats whats missing but its hot none the less

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leave biggie rest and leave

leave biggie rest and leave pac rest they rapped to make themselves money not all tha other labels money so stop gettin rich off of them and wen they put out an album dont buy it juss download it fuck bad boy and fuck diddy his album suck anyway and then eminem cold but he need 2 let pac rest in peace

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Got a Question

What is the name of the second beat on kick in the door? I know the first one is brooklyn but what is the second one. Its insane!!!