Leave Pac the fuck alone, period

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Right, all you pac haters, stop tha hatin, leave dude alone he's dead. All you young Pac lovers who never even heard of Pac when he was alive stop ridin his dick. As talented artist as he was, its a fact all 'post death pac' music all bar a few gems un-earthed by Whoo Kid has pretty muched ruined any credentials dude had, let him be remembered for the gems he made himself and had in put himself, not some cock rider putting garbage production over some slowed down master. Biggie was a great MC as well, but, they're both dead so no one will or ever will know how dudes felt about each other, and puffy and suge are both lyin bitches who only wanted to make money so aint even any point in taking in anything they say. Finish your bullshit squabble, talk about something useful like when Maino putting his album out or when the fuck sai is gonna drop. by the way Van-hel-sin is into salad tossin and tea-baggin.