DJ Whoo Kid - Kev Samples: The Death Of R&B

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DJ Whoo Kid has never been one to shy away from a controversy, so
with upstart Atlanta R&B artist Kev Samples trying to 'rob the industry,'
it is only fitting that he teamed up with Shadyville/G-Unit's own mixtape
shit-starter to make it happen. Jacking some of today's R&B stars for
their hits, including T-Pain, Ne-Yo & Jamie Foxx, Kev flips the track on
them, taking shots along the way. Could this really be the Death of R&B?

1 - I Luv Music Intro
2 - Kev Samples - Try To F With Me
3 - Kev Samples - So Sick Of This Song
4 - T-Pain Is Dead Skit
5 - Kev Samples - Only Tricks Love A Stripper
6 - Kev Samples - Let Me Hold U Girl
7 - Skit
8 - Kev Samples - U Need One Wish
9 - Kev Samples - I Ain't Gonna Leave
10 - J. Lo & LL Cool J Skit
11 - Kev Samples - Have A Party
12 - Kev Samples feat. Petey Pablo - Naughty [produced by Red Spyda & Whoo Kid]

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haha, props mfizzel

haha, props mfizzel
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Death of R&B thats the

Death of R&B thats the dumbest shit i've ever heard. how the fuck you gonna have R&B singers with beef god kev samples sounds just mad cuz all these "tricks" are gettin paid and laid while he sits on his ass trying to get made by talkin shit yah man good job your just another hatin' ignorant dick head this guy can't be serious, is he? his shits pretty weak sounds like a preschool 50 cent
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Most Y'all Sound Dumb

R&B was the birth of Hip Hop, Zaap and roger troutman are the original R&B Beef artists. infact it even goes way back to marvyn, sam cooke and ben e king all these guys beefed wiv sum1 weather it was theyre bitch or another singer its just how these niggas express themselves. .RUZTY.
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say what you want these

say what you want these "real artist" have the R&B game on lock dont front

these foos are whack, whoo

these foos are whack, whoo kid and thise fake nigga need to quit. thats why hes jacking their beats. publicity stunt
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HAAAAAAAAAAAA....this shit

HAAAAAAAAAAAA....this shit is funny as hell, I gotta to go fuk to this shit...props MFIZZEL...yall niggaz need to stop takin this music shit so serious, yall gonna fuk around and get high blood smoke a blunt bitch


dis shit is kinda funny, no lie...a lot of his disses my 10 year old sister coulda made up, but no matter..the real story here is that his voice is worse than every single r&b singer he's playin on here...including, dare i say it--RAY J
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rnb is better than rap right now.

rnb is better than rap right now.


nothing says gangsta like and RnB thug. lol


good concept...too bad r and b beef and callin out is about as interesting as watching my 4 year old niece pretend shes cooking on her dora kitchen set. overall this is straight up bullshit.

its about dam time!

I don't know or give a fuk how this dude sounds but finally someone comes up with something to that soft ass in love with a stripper song. Whoever likes that tpain shit is a soft as his trick ass...Cause only TRICKS love a filthy ass stripper.