MTV's Mixtape Monday 12-5-05

Artists: Eminem, the Game and Dr. Dre

Representing: Shady/Aftermath

Mixtapes: Stan's Mixtape (Eminem), Stop Snitchin, Stop Lyin (Game) and Dretox (Dre)

411: Let's clear a few things up right off the bat: Stan's Mixtape can only be found on the deluxe edition of Em's Curtain Call greatest-hits album. We just had to mention it this week because you'll find a lot of Em's street-applauded verses on there, like "Renegade." Game's Stop Snitchin, Stop Lyin is a joint venture with NJ Devil, DJ Clue and DJ Skee. There's a DVD of the same name that was supposed to accompany the "street soundtrack," but they had to push it back a little bit. The Dre mixtape was put together by DJ Exclusive and features a few unheard nuggets like the Dre-produced Busta Rhymes record "We Up to No Good" and a few other songs that were heavy in the streets but have never officially surfaced.

Joints To Check For:

* "Numb Encore" by Dr. Dre featuring Eminem, 50 Cent, Jay-Z and Linkin Park (Dretox). DJ Exclusive brings the best of both worlds together, mixing Eminem's "Encore" with Hov and Linkin Park's mash-up collaboration of the same name.
* "Dead Wrong" by Notorious B.I.G. featuring Eminem (Stan's Mixtape). If anyone had any doubts about whether Marshall Mathers deserved a ghetto pass, he squashed all inquires back in 1999 by standing up on this classic Big track.
* "My Lowrider" by Game featuring E-40, Chingy, Paul Wall, Ice Cube, Techniec, Lil' Rob and Crooked I (Stop Lyin, Stop Snitchin). The lineup is real crazy. Believe it or not, E-40 kinda steals the show with his style and Chingy gets busy as well.

Don't Sleep: Other Notable Selections This Week

* B.G.'s Play It How It Go Volume 3
* Mick Boogie & DJ Unexpected's Director's Cut
* DJ Chuck T's Real Life Goodfellaz
* Lil' Flip's Houston ... Is Mine
* Mr. Pookie and Mr. Lucci's Dallas Crooks
* King Smij's HoodVizion Volume 2 (DVD)
* DJ Sleeper's Explosive Blends
* Chapter 13's Nevermore's Asylum
* The Best of Both Offices: Def Jam Vs. Interscope

'Hood's Heavy Rotation: Bubbling Below The Radar

* The Clipse featuring Young Jeezy - "Movin Weight"
* D4L - "I'm Da Man"
* Eminem featuring Nate Dogg - "Shake That"
* Notorious B.I.G. featuring Game - "1970 Something"
* Scarface - "I Never Snitch"
* T.I. - "Ride With Me"
* Young Jeezy featuring Lloyd and Too Short - "Tear It Up" (remix)

Celebrity Favs

It has to be every MC's dream to make a record with someone of Notorious B.I.G.'s caliber, but it turns out singers are equally thrilled to get down with B.I.G. Just ask the co-stars of "Nasty Girl." "To me, it means as a collab we did our thing," Brandon Casey said of his group Jagged Edge getting to sing on the new Biggie record "Nasty Girl." "You can't get the first single on any album unless it's right. Especially when you're dealing with a Bad Boy album. It was right." Newcomer Avery Storm, who's signed to Nelly's Derrty Ent., called the experience "a blessing." "I told [Avery], I had to wait five years before I got on a track with Biggie, and he gets to come out and [get on right away]," Nelly said. "But Puff made it happen, and I love him for that."

The Streets Is Talking: News & Notes From The Underground

"I get out and kick it with the people, 'cause that's what I am. That's the Snowman," Young Jeezy said recently while addressing the flap over his popular Snowman T-shirts. "Kids [can relate to the] Snowman. They know it's somebody that came from the 'hood [and made it]."

Jeezy said stories on CNN, in USA Today and in other outlets were uninformed and one-sided in their reporting on his Snowman shirts. "It's not Frosty's evil twin," an article on reads. "The image popularized by drug-dealer-turned-rapper Young Jeezy symbolizes those who sell a white substance known on the street as snow: cocaine."

"To be honest with you, it never meant anything," Jeezy explained. "It meant what we stand for. It's ours, it's the streets. CNN ain't got nothing to do with it. Don't get me wrong, I'm not changing, but I never said the Snowman meant 'Go outside and sell some drugs.' The Snowman is my alter ego. I made it out of the 'hood. I'm not a rap star, I'm not a superstar, I'm a trap star. That's who I am."

The Snowman is "the only thing we have that belongs to us," he continued, "our culture and our way of life. You can't hide that. I'm not finnin' to go on TV and say, '[The Snowman] stands for this or that,' it's none of your business. It stands for whatever you want it to stand for, it could stand or Christmastime or whatever. But in the 'hood, it stands for 'You know what, he's just like me. You can't ban the Snowman, he is what I am. He came from where I came from.' "...

Is Lil' Wayne really in the group Boyz N Da Hood? Not exactly. He's definitely down with them, though. Weezy F. Baby even recorded six songs with what is now a trio since Jeezy left, but the group's leader, Big Block, said he has bigger plans for the next Boyz LP.

"What I really wanted to do for this album, I wanted to name it One Nation: All Traps Closed," he said. "The meaning by that is one nation, going to all the 'hoods and the 'hood cats. ... I got cats from the 'hoods that want to be a part of this Boys N Da Hood movement."

Besides the six records with Wayne, Block said the Boyz already have T.I. on a couple of tracks, Game on two songs and Trick Daddy on two songs.

"We're kinda following Pac's footsteps when he was gonna do that One Nation album," Block added. "It's Boys N Da Hood everywhere. I can't really say Boyz N Da Hood is just for the South."

Outside of the Boyz group album, Block said he just signed a label deal with Warner and is looking to put out newcomer Young Jock, and he's also signed a deal with Diddy to release a solo LP from Boyz's Big Gee.

Meanwhile, Boyz member Jody Breeze is working on his first solo LP, A Day in the Life of Jody Breeze, for Jazze Pha's label Sho' Nuff. It should be out early next year.

"My single is dropping in, like, January," he said. "You'll be seeing the video. I worked with DJ Quik, Wayne, Bun B and Freeway. I tried to limit it because I don't want a whole lot of people. I want this album to be about me. Being that I came out in a group, I want to come out as doing me."

Breeze is doing plenty of joint collaborations for the streets, however. "You're about to start hearing a lot of mixtapes; Boys N Da Hood and Dip Set, a Jody Breeze Gangsta Grillz," he added.

There's also talk of the Boyz collaborating with Russell Simmons to put out their own clothing line. The ladies gear already has a name: Wifey Material. ...

Kelis has been relatively quiet since her marriage to Nas. However, we've been told by people close to the singer that she's back in the studio working on a new album for next year and even has a record up her sleeve with none other than Too Short. The track is called "I'm Bossy." How fitting.

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