Masspike Miles - Superfly (Hosted By DJ Drama & DJ Sense)

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01 - Superfly Intro
02 - We Made It Ft Rick Ross Smoke Bulga Prod By Twi
03 - Dirty Money Prod By The Incredibles
04 - What U Sippin Prod By Ra Charm
05 - Superfly Interlude 1
06 - Identical To None Prod By Phonix
07 - Keep It Tight Prod By Dream Team
08 - Superfly Interlude 2
09 - Winner Ft Young Joc Prod By Twice As Nice
10 - Cigar Music Ft Rick Ross
11 - Nasty Ft Rick Ross Prod By Ced L Young
12 - 1 Nighta Ft Joell Ortiz B-Hess Prod By M-Phazes
13 - Superfly Interlude 3
14 - Keeper Prod By Drumma Boy
15 - Hard Prod By Joe Lindsay
16 - Get It All Ft Millys Prod By Ra Charm
17 - Still Hungry Ft Too Short Prod By Vince V
18 - Street Judge Prod By Joe Lindsay
19 - Allergic To Losin Ft Jada Kiss La Da Darkman P
20 - Superfly Interlude 4
21 - Love Drunk Ft Rick Ross Prod By The Street Runner
22 - Dont Let Your Heart Ft Willie Da Kid La Da Dark
23 - Hurt You So Good Ft Rick Ross Prod By M-Phazes
24 - Superfly Interlude 5
25 - Night People Ft Freeway Red Cafe Prod By Stati
26 - Dope Boy Swag Ft Red Cafe Prod By X
27 - The Stick Up Ft Sheek Of The Lox Prod By Vinny Id
28 - Bonus The R Ft Rushya Prod By Audio Trafficn

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Its hot

Ive been diggin miles for awhile, and this mixtape does not disappoint
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2010 is the year of the

2010 is the year of the mixtape! albums almost dont belong anymore! dis nigga do go hard though i totally agree!
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This Is Pretty Decent, But...

This just isn't for me because I'm not into this whole singing rap type shit. I'll give this dude credit for not using autotune & the producers credit for making some pretty good laid-back type beats, but this nigga just sounds like a rapping version of Lyfe Jennings to me.
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Bun B makes this track... NICE SHIT

Shine Blockas remix by Big Boi... , OR, OR
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does anyone know what ride

does anyone know what ride supa fly was sporting in that car, i could never figure out if it was a lincoln or what?
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he ride

it was a custom made caddy
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Not my cup of tea...(Make

Not my cup of tea...(Make sure you listen to God also)
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You better go download ur favorite movies and shit, the government tryin to be some fagets.
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These bastards make enough

These bastards make enough money off our tax dollars. How is it that even though there is piracy and we're in a recession, movie stars are still making millions? I swear i need to move to South America.
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Yeah man them niggas done

Yeah man them niggas done shutdown my movie website I be watchin the new shit that came out on. I went to watch grownups and this shit popped up talkin about ICE has shut down this website and some gay shit. So i sent them a comment card and told them they were fuckin gay. I had to find me some jank website to find it on. If you want to watch it GROWnUPS
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I use a special warez site to get Digi rips of brand new movies

Aint' postin it no where on here not even in PM's but my source has been up for years and i get perfect or damn near perfect copies of movies freshly ripped from digital or DVD copies that are passed out to people to review, most come from Germany or China but they get the American version or do a sub on it.. most of the time im watching movies while y'all watching previews waiting for them to come out lol... i sell sometimes too.
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Get'cha Mind Right

Best to just get a rapidshare account or download torrents. The government is slick. They use political agenda to fatten their wallets. The rich gettin richer and the poor getting even more poor. I was in the Navy, and they kicked me out for messing up just one time. That's why I'm going back to school. You can't beat'em, join'em. In 2010, you aint got a degree, you aint got a chance.
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I have a hotfile account and rapidshare account and be downloadin my ass off, i don't download big budget movies from Torrent because i know exactly how it can be watched by the FBI if they really wanted to get you, your IP and System info is posted all up in the Torrent program for all to see while your streaming or downloading data so don't think for one second Torrents are safe lol in fact it's the worst way if your trying to hide your identity online away from authorities, anybody can get ya info.
    Go here and listen to the TRUTH:
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so hot.

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You gonna rate the Album? Ha Ha
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Off topic /Chris Brown crying..

All planned out, Lloyd claims he told CB to cry and show his emotions on stage.
No one knows if he was sincere despite being told to cry.. i think he's a good actor.
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wtf - Legalize it -