DJ Drama & DJ Scream Present J. Futuristic - Mr. Miyagi

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1. Intro
2. Everything Futuristic (Prod. By P No)
3. King Kong (Prod. By Hanky Beat)
4. Walkin Bankroll f Chopp Dog
5. Sauce (Prod By KE)
6. Mr. Miyagi Interlude
7. Chain Is Icy (Prod. By Hanky Beat)
8. Yes (Prod. By Midnite Black)
9. First Name Last Name RMX f Young Jeezy & Shawty Lo (Prod. By KE)
10. Deep Cover (Prod. By KE)
11. Campaign Strong (Prod. By KE)
12. Count Money Interlude
13. Hustler (Prod. By Fat Boi)
14. Imma Zoe RMX f Black Dada, Birdman, Rick Ross
15. Airport (Prod. By P No)
16. Fuckin Tonight (Prod. By Dj Spinz)
17. Yes I Am f Teezy Dollar & Chopp Dogg
18. Black Mexican (Prod. By Nard & B)
19. What You Claim f Shitty (Prod By P No)
20. Outro
21. Favorite Girl (Prod By KE)
22. This How We Play f Meany (Prod By KE)
23. Anymore (Latoya Luckett f J Futuristic)

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I Fuck Wit My Boy The Long Way. For All Yall Haters If You Dont Lke It Then Comment And Leave It Alone.We Dont Need To Here All That Hatin Ass Shit 4 Real. And Yes He's The Real Mr. Futuristic.So Who The Hell Are You Son? Bow Bow.
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first to eat a dick!

GULP! --no nutz no glory--
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Faget Ass Nigga ^^^

Heart Of A Hustla,Mind Of A G.....
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Dumb ass Nigga Cant Spell

Dumb ass Nigga Cant Spell mrs.Southeast u a dumb ass nigga........ GDNK ALL DAY
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It's aiight actually.

It's pretty decent.. but this dude is going to be a one hit wonder, he's pretty much eatin off the same trap plate as everybody else in ATL, as soon as that "fad" die down half the music industry out there will dry up..
For now tho this is a decent one to download 7/10
[-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]

aint feelin J at all,loads

aint feelin J at all,loads of cheesy corny beats with a couple bangers,each to his own though

Decent Mix

He a decent rapper - I was Refered to a website about 2 months ago. basically this site pays for you to post an add on your twitter page. you get paid EVERY Single Time Someone clicks the add. This is not a scam. You have to Have at least 50 followers to make any money. You Probably Wont Get Rich off of this but it is still a little extra money. Click the link below-
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Mr Futuristic Come Back

J has lost alot of momentum since he signed he deal and probly because of all the "kids"(Rich Kids, Travis Porter, etc) doing tha futuristic swag thang. Plus Alley Boy done punked him out. He's kinda been an after thought. But this mixtape is pretty hard. Im feelin majority of the songs, he has some fiya ass tracks. Looks like he might b back on! DL if u fuck wit it.

stay high

yea dis shit is kewl for NOW fuck it ill bump it haaa
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J futuristic

Everything futuristic, hell ya