Lyriciss - The Practice (Mixed By DJ Furious Styles)


01 The Practice [Prod. Jab The Future]
02 The Future
03 Give Em A Show [Prod. Jab The Future & Lord Vada]
04 Like Me (Ft. Theo Martins)
05 Microphone (Ft. Pro'verb, Chris Barz, & Kt)
06 Hustler (Ft. Kingpen Slim, Laelo Hood, & Rayz) [Prod. Lord Vada Of Equinox
07 Quest Drop
08 Still Doing My Job [Prod. Sheezy Beatz]
09 It Ain't Hard To Tell '09 [Prod. Lord Vada Of Equinox Professionals]
10 Bright Nights [Prod. E-Minah Aka Grussle]
11 What You Thought [Prod. Soulful!]
12 New Day (Ft. Rathemc)
13 You Wrong (Ft. Cayan) [Prod. Ben Pramuk]
14 Cross Country Connect (Ft. Fashawn) {Snippet} [Prod. Mark Henry]
15 Fashawn Drop_They Told Me [Prod. G-Way]
16 Successful
17 Shawn Chrystopher Drop
18 Blinded [Prod. G-Way]
19 Hard Times (Ft. K-Beta & Muggsy Malone) [Prod. Lord Vada Of Equinox
20 We Got It [Prod. David E. Beats]
21 Thank You [Prod. E-Minah Aka Grussle]

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anyone heard this dude

anyone heard this dude yet?...mY aTTITUDE iS cELEBATE, i dONT gIVE a f**K...
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decent tape

I think the featured mc's are better but thats my opinion