Dub Floyd & Wally Sparks - Hip Hop Docktrine 3 (The Final Chapter)

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01. Hip Hop Docktrine 3 (Intro)
02. Asheru ft. The Els – The Boondocks Theme (Alternate Extended Version)
03. Asheru, David Banner & Mike Bigga (Intro)
04. Asheru ft. Raheem DeVaughn – The Boondocks (Prod. by Mr. Hu)
05. David Banner – Channel 3 (Prod. by 9th Wonder)
06. Mike Bigga – GURU Salute
07. The Away Team (Khrysis + Sean Boog) – Hip Hop Raw (Prod. by Khrysis)
08. Rapsody – Tell It Like It Is (Prod. by 9th Wonder)
09. Young Scolla – Wonderful (Prod. by Tecknowledgy)
10. Pro’Verb, Nando Mcflyy, Deron & Lyriciss – Nigga Moment (Prod. by Lord Vada of EQuinox Professionals)
11. Big Remo ft. Thee Tom Hardy & TP – F.B.G.M. 2010 (Prod. by Truss-1)
12. David Banner – Slow Down (Extraordinaire The Great + Sparks Fly RMX)
13. Big Krit – Money Outchea (Prod. by Big Krit)
14. Pugs Atomz ft. K Sparks & Awdazcate – Hunger (Prod. by DJ Vadim)
15. Headkrack & Arablak – Lightning In A Bottle (Prod. by The Are)
16. Phil Nash, Laws, Phene, Esso & Cambatta – The Overdose (Prod. by Tartan Bullies: Jaisu + S-Type)
17. Asheru ft. Jabba (HHP) – Last Days (Prod. by Mr. Hu)
18. Metaphor The Great – Mic Check (Prod. by JJ The Genius)
19. Thee Tom Hardy – Boo Hoo (Prod. by Khrysis)
20. The Lessondary (Spec Boogie + Donwill + Von Pea + Che Grand + Elucid) – Show Up Drunk (Prod. by Von Pea)
21. Tough Junkie – Imagination Land (Prod. by Tough Junkie)
22. Big TReaL – Hot Mess (Prod. by Maddson)
23. Mike Bigga ft. Bun B – Worldwide G’s (Dub Floyd Screamixx)
24. Mikkey Halsted – I Am (Prod. by Rio & Jamal)
25. Illpo – One Two (Prod. by JJ The Genius)
26. Asheru – H.E.L.P. / Hip Hop Educational Literacy Program (Commercial)
27. Carlita Durand ft. Tab One – The Cycle (Prod. by Criss Ruler)
28. Promise ft. Darien Brockington & Von Pea – Much More (Prod. by Randy Hood)
29. Phene ft. Jay Rock & Wil Guice – On My Way Up (Prod. by Djay Cas)
30. Jabee – Soular System (Prod. by JBM)
31. Ed E. Ruger – 40 Bars (Prod. by JJ The Genius)
32. Saukrates – S-A-U-K-R-A-T-E-S
33. Tyler Durand – Walk Thru Town (Prod. by Profane)
34. L.E.G.A.C.Y. – Damn Right (Prod. by SlopFunkDust)
35. Dres (Black Sheep) – Road Warrior (Hanni Fresh RMX)
36. Grip Plyaz ft. Aleon Craft – Hold Your Own
37. Nico The Beast & Chaundon – Fill In The Rest (Prod. by Tecknowledgy)
38. David Banner ft. Big Remo – Strange (Prod. by 9th Wonder + Beataholic RMX)
39. Natural Habitz – Down In The Boondocks (Prod. by Kunstruct)
40. Asheru, David Banner & Mike Bigga (Outro) (Prod. by Mr. Hu)

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That Boondocks last night

That Boondocks last night was funny as hell, I watched that shit from my cave in the Caucasus Mountains, shit took mad aluminum foil on the antenna to pick it up son
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wtf a cave???

What you some kind of a fucking caveman or some shit?? lol!!
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According to the knowledge

According to the knowledge of Godbody, born from the fire of a volcano or some shit
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Fuckin G episode. -R.I.P. Guru (Gang Starr)-
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nigga kick rocks lil bitch....and who the fuck told you you a GOD? you dumb fuck....ole homeless lookn ass nigga ole rusty elbow lookn ass nigga ole special olympics lookn ass nigga......
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Ol Joomìtedie the taxi

Ol Joomìtedie the taxi driver lookin ass
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that dirt bag goes to a store and try on clothes then take a picture.....ole gucci lil brother lookn ass nigga burrrrrrr (slob on his lip) lookn ass...do yall got a 50 cent menu lookn ass nigga
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haha Who ever said crime

haha Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout

yall fools be crazy

makin me laugh like there aint no tomorrow, who needs to watch commedy central and shit, just come on here and be laughin for days
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Yeah that Boondocks Episode was off the chain

Had me laughin for a good min, damn i love Boondocks i have the seasons on DVD, i knew they took a lil longer with this one to make it extra good, and it didn't disappoint..
To my surprise this is a real mixtape! This mixtape is pretty damn good, a lot of shit i haven't heard before.. 8/10 worth the download if you like deep or real lyric shit..
( This part is for Godbody, so no one else has to read this part )
And Godbody.. It's just satire, your taking it literally, it's to make fun of the whole situation and show how ignorant and stupid nigga's is and could be and how corny and racist white people can be, He basically take what he think people are feeling and enhance it to the 3rd the degree.... If you missed the point of that episode you slow as fuck and wanted to believe he was against Obama lol, it's basically making fun of nigga's like you that got mad because Obama didn't become this Great Nigga of the white house, that will give black folks their horse and acre's of land, free all the niggas from Prison legalize weed, and give free hand outs to the lazy fucks at will..
the point escaped you, watch it again, at the beginning Huey is all for Obama, on his Myspace and everything, then Obama basically say's he accept everybody as a friend on myspace and frankly he could give a fuck about Huey, (that was suppose to start the satire of him not giving a damn about these Black Supremacist that are on his side, then they all turn on him.
Uncle Ruckus is a play on a Uncle tom ass nigga but it's over done to the point he's so racist he'll wear a KKK outfit and swear he's white and accepted in the white community..
It also show how nigga's feel they supported him and really didn't even vote or buy a bumper sticker from his campaign, but sported off-brand side-street Obama shoes, T-Shirts etc and once he got in nigga's quickly switched up. It was to make fun of Those type of people.. not Obama.. lmao.. But i guess comprehension wasn't your strong point, you demonstrate how shit is over your head a lot on here.
      [- HBO/TREME -]
* I Bleed Black and Gold, (20-10 Saints gone make noise again) *
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lets see.....

lets see what it do....ill give it a try this was ok decent tracks