Luck Corleone - The Convincing (Hosted By DJ Delz)

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01 Top Of The World
02 This Life
03 Last Hope(Ft Eyez)
04 You Dont Know Whatchu Doin
05 Skit 1
06 Flavor In Ya Ear
07 Feel It
08 On My Way Home
09 Decision (Freestyle)
10 Painkillers
11 Electronica
12 Get By
13 Skit 2
14 Talk Like This
15 Ransom (Freestyle)
16 Im Soarin
17 Beginning Of The Man

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If anyone has time to check this out let me know if its worth the DL... Ayy Dninc, good lookin on that site! DLd me a new internet security too for half the price of my Norton that just expired...
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Fah shoo.. you shoulda

Fah shoo.. you shoulda downloaded Avira AntiVir, it's one of the best "Free" and top of the line Anti-Virus programs available.. I use BitDefender Corporate Pro tho because i have sensitive shit on my Pc but Avira AntiVir is pretty damn good.
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Ill check it out...

I went with Avast Int. Sec 5. The second upgrade from Avast Free. They rated it as good as Norton but shit was only 30.00...
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this shit is old..its aiight

this shit is old..its aiight tho
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Damn this is FUCKED UP YO!!

Cop Who Murdered Oscar Grant Gets only Two Years!!
During a trial in July, Mehserle claimed he accidentally killed Grant in January 1st, 2009, when accidentally shot the 22-year-old in the back at Fruitvale Station, by using his service revolver, instead of his taser.
Grant's murder was taped by several witnesses, who used the camera's on their cellphones to capture the horrific shooting, which occurred while Grant was handcuffed and face down on the train station's platform.
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Only in America...

How the fuck can you NOT know that you pulled out your gun instead of your taser? He didn't need to pull anything out in the first place, that fucker just panicked. Other officers were pinning the dude down, so it wasn't like he broke loose or anything. And one of the charges dropped against him was SECOND degree murder (not first)? I don't care what race you are, it goes to show you that any officer can do whatever they want to you with little or no consequences. They commit the same crimes that average citzens do, but they get off WAY easier. This type of bullshit happens all the time (In Augusta, a judge killed a dude who broke in his house & got away with it, then that SAME judge sentenced somebody a year of probation for doing the same shit he just did.) I'm surprised that Mehserle even got a sentence, plus I bet he's gonna be in solitary most of the time or in a minimal security prison. The REAL JUSTICE won't be served.
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Havent downloaded yet but looks gud YO chech out my new mixtape swine flu down load free at this link