Lil Wayne & Jadakiss - Modern Warfare (Presented By DJ Lo)


01. Lil Wayne - Salute
02. Jadakiss - Whos Real (Remix)
03. Lil Wayne - The Leak
04. Jadakiss - New York Minute
05. Lil Wayne - Im Going In
06. Jadakiss - Cause We Fly
07. Lil Wayne - Stupid
08. Jadakiss - Magic City
09. Lil Wayne - So Fly
10. Jadakiss - Ciroc Star
11. Lil Wayne - Ups And Downs
12. Jadakiss - Child Abuse
13. Lil Wayne - I Get Crazy
14. Jadakiss - Death Wish (Feat. Lil Wayne)
15. Jadakiss - Hottest In The Hood
16. Lil Wayne - Always Strapped (Remix)
17. Jadakiss - 4 Da Fam
18. Lil Wayne - Fix My Hat
19. Jadakiss - The Last Party
20. Lil Wayne - Go Hard
21. Jadakiss And Lil Wayne - Turn My Swag On
22. Jadakiss - What The Game Made Me
23. Lil Wayne - Spit
24. Jadakiss - When I Grow Up
25. Lil Wayne - Told Yall
26. Jadakiss - Lets Talk About
27. Lil Wayne - Renaissance Rap
28. Jadakiss And Lil Wayne - Conglomerate
29. Lil Wayne - Young Niggas
30. Jadakiss - Life
31. Lil Wayne - Rollers And Riders
32. Jadakiss - Modern Warfare
33. Lil Wayne - Lets Talk Money
34. Jadakiss - Hangover
35. Lil Wayne - Lets Chill
36. Jadakiss - Choreographer
37. Lil Wayne - Revolver
38. Jadakiss - I Stay Ten Toes Down
39. Lil Wayne - Kobe Bryant
40. Jadakiss - A Yo Freestyle
41. Lil Wayne - Im A Go Getta
42. Jadakiss - Get That Paper (Feat. Sheek Louch And Styles P)
43. Lil Wayne - We Be Steady Mobbin (Feat. Gucci Mane)

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Mr.Southwest's picture

Got Dz Already!!

Heart Of A Hustla$
reppin701's picture

this shits old

wayne needs to come out with some new shit. he's in the studio every damn day i aint seeing shit lately
JayJayGemini's picture

half good tape

D/L the even number tracks, delete the odd LOL, with the exception of maybe track #28 LOL


How this nigga could fuck with jadakiss it's not the same bizness at all.THAT'S A JOKE.FUCK Y'ALL BITCHES
johnny7957's picture

Lil wayne is aight but.....

This homo lil wayne ain't touching jada. Why did they disrespect Jada by putting him on a mixtape with wayne. Comparing jada to wayne is like comparing a ford escort(lil wayne) to a 2009 S65 Mercedes(Jada). Johnny C
dninc's picture

Because they aint beefin

This is more of like a Jada/Wayne Collab thing, they work together alot.. Everybody know Wayne can Spit when he want to, thats when he wants to, lately he has been on some otha shit, But Wayne has the Respect in the rap game, The Only kats hatin on him is a few Big name rappers and a bunch of bean bag head sheep fans of the Big time rappers that hate on him. [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
Yung Screw 817's picture


I dunno why niggaz hate on weezy? dude has mad talent! and is usually niggaz from the south hatin on him too! Niggaz should be proud we have our own lil Jay-Z down here and stop KNOCKIN THA HUSTLE! broke azz niggaz.