DJ Biz - Kiss Da Roc 3

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01.Jadakiss-New York Minuite
02.Jay Z-Bk Anthem
03.Jadakiss-4 Da Family
04.Jay Z-Swagger Like Us(Blend)
05.Jadakiss Ft Lil Wayne-Death Wish
06.Jay Z-Brooklyn Go Hard
07.Jay Z Ft Ludacris And Nas-I Do It For Hip Hop
08.Jadakiss Ft Max B-When I Grow Up
09.Jay Z-Dreaming Again
10.Jadakiss-Pop Champagne Freestyle
11.Jay Z Ft Uncle Murda-He Asked For It
12.Jadakiss Ft Rhea-Choreographer
13.Jay Z-History
14.Jadakiss Ft Jus Mula & Ryan Leslie-How It Was Supposed To Be
15.Jay Z Ft Lil Wayne & Big-Hello Brooklyn
17.Jay Z Ft Travis Barker-Jockin Jay Z
18.Jadakiss-Deeper Than Rap
21.Jadakiss Ft Lee Carr-Stilettos
22.Jay Z-Success

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seems like a solid mixtape

seems like a solid mixtape most of it is a couple weeks old but now they are all on one tape and do i gget some kinda prize for being FIRST cause i always see that lmao
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no bro you dont get a prize, you just make an asshole outta yourself for doin it! The ONLY REASON why your "first" is because this website just kicked all the "guests" up the fuck outta here that were doin this kind of GAY SHIT, so now all the little kid fuck faces are gone PLEASE dont take the place of them with this childish shit ok my man! Its not cool to be "first" or last or anything, just D/L the fuckin tape and save all your retard shit for school ok "Being Broke Is A Joke.... And Ima Die Laughin"