Kid Ink - Roll Up


1. (00:02:46) Kid Ink - Insane
2. (00:03:23) Kid Ink - Gary Payton
3. (00:02:20) Kid Ink - Blowin Swishers
4. (00:04:45) Kid Ink - 360 Feat Meek Mill
5. (00:03:05) Kid Ink - La La La
6. (00:03:53) Kid Ink - Sex, Drugs & Rock N Roll Feat K-Young
7. (00:03:04) Kid Ink - Ball Out Feat Lil Twist
8. (00:02:59) Kid Ink - Talk 2 You Feat Ty$ & Sean Brown
9. (00:02:15) Kid Ink - Tat It Up
10. (00:03:51) Kid Ink - Take Over The World Feat Ty$
11. (00:04:36) Kid Ink - Gone (Remix) Feat Bei Maejor
12. (00:03:16) Kid Ink - Neva Eva (Prod By Kid Ink)
13. (00:03:20) Kid Ink - Keep It Rollin
14. (00:03:38) Kid Ink - All These Feat Sterling Simms
15. (00:03:37) Kid Ink - Wont Think About Him Feat Legacy (New Boyz)
16. (00:04:35) Kid Ink - Go In Feat. Ace Hood & Boogz Boogetz
17. (00:04:02) Kid Ink - Bathroom Feat Gudda Gudda
18. (00:04:21) Kid Ink - Cuff Yo Chick Feat Short Dawg & Mistah Fab
19. (00:02:18) Kid Ink - Run This
20. (00:03:25) Kid Ink - Baddie On Deck Feat Mann
21. (00:03:43) Kid Ink - Dreamin Feat K-Young
22. (00:03:06) Kid Ink - Exstacy Feat Ben J (New Boyz)

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I guess nowadays if u ink your whole body and smoke bud you automaticly a fly rapper... ??
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Tough guyz

lol, everybody think they tough when they get all tatted up from head to toe, it's the dumbest thing i've seen since the whole Tight jean swag era (glad that's almost over)..
Here's the evolution of Swag Jakin and everybody thinkin they was cool following it:
Jerry Curls, Perm straightener, Fades, dreads, Leather sports jackets and Big Gold chains (mid 80's early 90's Thanks Ice Cube, LL Cool J, RUN DMC and Ice T).
Bald Fades, waves, Starter Jackets and Jordans (90's to mid 90's Thanks DMX, Ja rule, MC hammer, and Luke).
Baggy Jeans, Air force ones, Gold teeth, Braids and Perms era( mid 90's to 2002 Thanks Mystikal, Lil Wayne, No Limit, Cash Money, Ludacris and Outkast ).
Dreads: makes a comeback in 2002 and sticks around with Braids, Tight nutless Jeans, tight surfer logo T-shirts, sagging tight jeans(?!?) and Tatted up body: (2003-2010+ Thanks again Lil Wayne/Tunechi, Soulja Boy, Travis porter, and the other tight jean swag fagz).


Thanks for the history lesson dnic. lol
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You forgot the cross colors

You forgot the cross colors in the 90s Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout
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NIce... On point with that...
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Tough Guyz

Well, You get a A- for this, whats wrong with tats? but I agree with the skinny jeans era, what a fckin dumb look.


thats cool yall get along and play nice for once but i usually click the goddamn comment section to get feedback on a tape not to listen to dudes lol-ing each other. its cute dont get me wrong but i guess ill have to just download this shit LOL


if you like autotune and electronic voice enhancing go head and d/l this garbage. more r+b than west coast

nice mix

He got an nice mix down...track are nice. But voice the same like Drake & Lil Wayne, get your own voice.
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Imma pass on this one

Imma pass on this one
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he need to develop

mostly bullshit... its a couple decent tracks on here tho... i mean dude ain't the most lyrical, metaphors is weak but "Go In" wit Ace Hood cool... & "Take Over The World" kind of remind me of a young Wiz Khalifa...