Kid Capri - Old School Pt 2 (1991)


DJ Mars:

Well since its monday you already know its time for another classic download.
This week I had to take it back to my all time favorite mixtapes " Kid Capri Old
School part 2". I can honestly say I learned how to rock parties based on this
tape. Having dropped in 1991,this was probably his most memorable tape to date.
I've heard a million old school tapes,but none of them sounded like this. OS
pt.2 had all the elements(mic game,skills,and dope records). After properly
studying this tape you could put together a dope old school set,that's if you
studied. I owe a portion of my career to this tape,real talk. Do yourself a
favor and do the knowledge to the greatest dj in the world....KIIIIIIIIIIIIIDDD

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classic old school 4

classic old school 4 real...oh yeah u can find the original artwork by googlin' the name of the album...Burnwun and reminisce

Split up the files dude (or

Split up the files dude (or include the cue file so we can split it), some of us use mp3 players.