JimmyBoi Feat. Slim Thug - Imma Thug

Shout to DJ Farm!

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man i aint gonna front the

man i aint gonna front the guy may look funny but the track is pretty sick.
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he looks like a mexican version of jin...
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he is Asian... Vietnamese

he is Asian... Vietnamese
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The Track is too hot to worry about the fuck this dude look like.
      [- Avoid the ignorance -]
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Hold Up!!

This the Dude from How High...."U East Cost, I FAR East Coast"..lol...Nothing but love though...Track is Nice and dude gotta hulleva flow
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Curren$y Pilot Talk

This track decent but one of yall twitter/myspace checking motherfuckers tell me why Curren$y Pilot Talk didnt drop on 3-23 like it was suppost to and when its really going to drop.