Jay-Z - Reasonable Gangster


1." No Hookz "**
2." Dreaming Again " **
3." Roc Boyz return "*
4." Brooklyn 3.0 " ft The Notorious B.I.G & Lil Wayne *
5." Too Ignorant " ft Beenie Seigel *
6." Falling 09" **
7." New Magic " *
8." More Success " ft Nas **
9." Party Feeling " *
10." So Sweet " **

* Tracks # 3,4,5,7 and 9 Produced by PK for " The Engineerz "
**Tracks # 1,2,6,8,and 10 Produced by Pete Twist for " The Engineerz "

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I aint gonna hate cause Jay....well its Jay...

Its not wizzy or tpain or kanye.....its jay....so its ok i compare this vid here : http://video.google.com/videosearch?q=2girls1cup&emb=0&aq=f# video number 2 on the left to lil wayne,tpain and kanye... which is betta??? the video or the artists??? you decide/.

Youre an ass

Ok first of all, why would you use a name like that for a mixtape website??? You lookin for dates or music! Second, why the fuck are you tryin so hard to push the 2girls 1 cup vid? nobody wants to hear what you have to say! you look like a retard and your comments prove it! just browse and download the ones you think you'll like and if it doesn't peak your interest, keep it movin! Oh and for the person that said these are all old...obviously the title tells us that they are "old" they are remixed tracks with original "new" beats! Damn this is like fuckin middle school. A bunch of low intelect cry babies with their own stupid agenda! Ya'll are retarded!

jay-z gangster haha studio

jay-z gangster haha studio wankster got no style lil wayne is better lol lmao

these songs is Ancient...

these songs is Ancient...

original group name.

original group name. NOT