D-Block & The Engineerz Present - Hood Giants (Hosted By Large Amount) (Mixed by DJ Rerok & DJ Diggz)

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1. Large Amount & AP - About Paper (Prod: The Engineerz)
2. Large Amount - Fire on Da' Lean (Prod: The Engineerz)
3. Large Amount & AP ft. Verse -D'Block is the Team (Prod: The Engineerz)
4. Large Amount - We Grinding (Prod: The Engineerz)
5. Large Amount & AP ft. T.Waters - Bounce on the Law (Prod: The Engineerz)
6. Large Amount ft.Tralese - The Game Ain't the Same (Prod: The Engineerz)
7. Large Amount Speaks
8. T Waters ft. Verse & Rell - So Gifted (Prod: The Engineerz)
9. Large Amount & AP ft. T Waters - I Ain't Gonna Chase You (Prod: The Engineerz)
10. Large Amount Speaks on the DMV
11. Large Amount & AP ft. T.Water & C.O. - Brothers Keeper (Prod: The Engineerz)
12. Large Amount ft T Waters & Rio Navada -Back in the Day (Prod: The Engineerz)
13. Large Amount & AP - Money Talks (Prod: The Engineerz)
14. Large Amount & AP ft. Nino Da Pimp , Rell & C.O. - You Got It Girl( So Wavy) (Prod: The Engineerz)
15. Large Amount - Successful (Prod: The Engineerz)

All Tracks produced by Pete Twist & PK For The Engineerz

Tracks 13 & 9 Produced by Rider for The Engineerz

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Large Amount got skills. Im

Large Amount got skills. Im feelin that dude. DL that.