Evil Empire & Shawty Lo - Carlito's Way

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01. Atlanta GA ft. Ludacris
02. Juvenile
03. So In Love
04. Gift Of Gab
05. 911 ft. Rick Ross, Bun B, & Lyfe Jennings
06. About My B.I. ft. Mya
07. Hood Up ft. Gucci Mane & Busta Rhymes
08. No Wife-in' ft. Ron Browz
09. Supplier ft. Trey Songz & Lil Wayne
10. Dope Boy Knot ft. Gucci Mane
11. Perfect Women ft. Masspike MIles
12. On My Grind ft. DJ Scream & Cosa Nosta
13. Born & Raised
14. Hello
15. Roll The Dice
16. Game Goes On
17. I Knew It
18. Let Me Do My Thing

19. Foolish ft. Baby, Rick Ross, Jim Jones, & DJ Khaled
20. Dunn Dunn
21. Dey Know (Remix) ft. Lil Wayne, Ludacris, Young Jeezy, & Plies

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Good look

Is this new or old material?

been out since a few week

been out since a few week but wasn't free ,it's official , not very new but shits bumpin' tho!
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hey is this the ima do me guy?

Nah. That's Rocko.

Shawty Lo is the "dey know, dey know" guy.
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this shit jammin
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that's what's up!!!


that's what's up!!!
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Sounds too simple

Nigga's need to put more effort in their Shit.. This is straight Garbage. I could have spit better on these beats, this dude just repeatin his self for like 2 mins and closing the tracks out, If i was the producer of these beats i wouldn't even have sold it to him, Nigga straight up wasted aiight production.


The real scoop: Most of this is old ass shit from "letter from the king". That tape went hard, but this shit is garbage.

Listen Up Haters

After months of hearing all this garbage from yall hattin ass fa**ots, I had to sign up and let yall know whats really goin on! First of all, for all yall who dont know what a Socket or Plug is, I ain't talkin to ya- El Dorado Red! If yall dont know him, find out yourself whats hes about! My amigos commin in with K*los! Connected to tha Socket, where's ya wallet- Shawty LO! Last Year I spent a half a Mill with my Mexican- El Dorado Red! That's to give yall a taste of what yall are hearing and not understandin, ya heard! Yall that do, know's whats up! Shawty Lo, El Dorado Red, Gucci Mane, Yo Gotti, OJ Da Juiceman been gettin those small face hundred money before this rap shit! You see why in the past few years, all of them have been commin out with mixatapes and especially ALBUMS! Cause they are the people that all the rappers claim or rap to be! No disrespect to any other rappers, but these peeps are the REAL D-Boys! They were Hood Rich before any deal or contract and I mean HOOD RICH! More money than Doctors, Lawyers, Republicans! They been had ICED out CHAINS, WATCHES,BRACELETS,EXOTIC CARS,FLYING LEARJET'S,G3's,G4's,G5's. You see where I'm gettin at! Listen to their songs, and actually try to hear what their sayin and if you don't undertsand, ask someone thats knows, so you not all confused and claim that you know whats going on! This aint Hip-Hop Music, this is Drug Dealin Music- Gucci Mane. My PLUG, my PLUG, I Love my PLUG!
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quit clappin your gotdamn lips already!!

No one cares unless you can prove shit homey. All you doing is tappin keys gettin mad at your screen. This tape is cool ok, so calm down and pop a xanax.

Whats up Hommie!

People like you don't care, grown up under a rock, livin your simple a*s lives! and don't know whats really good! This is a movement! I don't need to explain, cause for the people that do know, knows whats really good and where im commin from! Whats this Already *hit, I ain't even begun! Get a taste for the future! Valet cost a hundred, it dont really matter, cause I'm gettin to tha money- Shawty Lo, El Dorado!
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Tite mixtape

Bottom line:6 outta 10