Biggy Jiggy Mixtapes - Exclusive Tunes S.G. 16

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01 Camron - Ooh Baby (Feat. Vado) [Off The Dipset Christmas Street Album]
02 Lil Wayne - I Move The Damn Thing (Feat. Juelz Santana) [Off The Dipset
Christmas Street Album]
03 Sean Kingston - Replay (Remix) (Feat. Rock City, Iyaz, Nipsey Hussle, Bizzy
04 Drake - It's Been A Pleasure
05 Lil Wayne - Straight To The Dancefloor (Feat. Jamie Foxx)
06 Ludacris - Sex Therapy (Remix) (Feat. Robin Thicke)
08 Sean Paul - Follow Me (Remix) (Feat. Sean Kinston)
09 Lil Wayne - All 4 U (Feat. Missy Elliott) (Snippet)
10 Wale - Bed Rock Freestyle
11 Rick Ross - Oh Let's Do It (Remix) (Feat. Lil Wayne, Waka Flocka)
12 Young Jeezy - 4 My Town (Remix) (Feat. Lil Wayne, Drake, Birdman)
13 JR Writer - Popular Demand (Remix) (Feat. Cassidy)
14 Drake - Dial Tone (Remix) (Feat. JD Era, Tona, Polin, Staalin, Anonymous
Twist, Heavyweight, Theology 3, Promise)
15 Young Buck - Soldier Of Love (Remix) (Feat. Sade)
16 Jadakiss - Euphoria (Remix) (Feat. Busta Rhymes, Rakim, Styles P)
17 Lupe Fiasco - I'm Beaming
19 Rihanna - Hard (Remix) (Feat. Grafh)
20 Young Jeezy - Big Dog
21 Lil Wayne - I'm So Over You (Feat. Shanell)
22 Jae Millz - Run For Mayor Freestyle
23 Nicki Minaj - Shakin It For Daddy (Remix) (Feat. Robin Thicke)
24 Usher - Little Freak (Feat. Nicki Minaj)
25 Wale - Thank You
26 Talib Kweli - Concepts (Feat. Shaun Boothe)
27 JR Writer - Bed Rock Freestyle
28 Jim Jones - Supa Hot (Remix) (Feat. Nicki Minaj, Sonny Rich)
29 Nu Jerzey Devil - What Would You Do (Feat. Clyde Carson, X.O, Dominic)
30 Plies - Buddies (Feat. Fella)
31 Raekwon - That's My Word (Feat. Crooked I, Coniyac, EDI)
32 Yo Gotti - Feelin Myself
33 The Dream - Tipsy (Feat. Tayma Loren)
34 Ja Rule - Stay Flawless (Feat. DMX, N.O.R.E, Yummy Bingham)
35 J Cole - Just Begun (Feat. Mos Def, Reflection Eternal, Jay Electronica)
36 Young Buck - Raindrops
37 Cory Gunz - Don't Wanna Hear (Feat. Evan Roberts)
38 DMX - Let Me Be Your Angel (Feat. Janyce)
39 Red Cafe - Bigger Checks (Feat. Beyond Belief)
40 Styles P - Hoodie Season
41 Waka Flocka - Shoot 4 That (Feat. Alley Boy)
42 Hippo - She Like Me (Feat. Cardiac)
43 JR Writer - Show Discipline Freestyle
44 Jamie Foxx - Marching On (Feat. Tank)
45 Mary J Blige - Brand New
46 Ne-Yo - Like It, Love It
47 Bobby Valentino - Baby I'm Coming Home
48 Lloyd - Sexcapade
49 Ne-Yo - Bedroom Walkin
50 Bobby Valentino - Stilletos And A Tee

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rello222's picture

Damn Jiggy!!

Alot of these tracks are old. They been out already on another dj mixtape. These tracks are not exclusive any more lol

rihanna u fukin devil

rihanna u fukin devil worshipping big headed bicth kil yo self! and fuk ur slutty idol beyonce! i hope u fukin die choking on jay z's dick, fuck that free mason shit! im glad chris brown smashed ur ass
Yung Screw 817's picture


this tape is as gay as the lil skinny homo above me talkin noize frontin like he hard. you look like one of them tuck tail weirdos. lady gaga azz nigga.

fuk u

Yung Screw 817 wrote:
this tape is as gay as the lil skinny homo above me talkin noize frontin like he hard. you look like one of them tuck tail weirdos. lady gaga azz nigga.
stfu i bet u have no life talking shit on some one u dont know on a mixtape site, go outside and try and find some girls u fukin lonely ass nigga and show us ur face then talk shit u insecure ass nigga and wheres that other nigga that was talking shit? the one that downloads drake mixtapes and claims its for his "girl"
Jack.Herer's picture

He might not show his face..

But everybody tired of seeing yours. Take it down man.
Yung Screw 817's picture


yeah nigga, Im sure you wana see my face so you can tell me how much you like my facial features and my swag then say (no homo) on the end of the sentence like you usually do... Come out the closet already Mr. Boogie Man.
chop76's picture

Hes from "down under" (no homo)

Hes from "down under" (no homo)
shaybezzle's picture


HaHa, "down under". Funny shit!!


Aye both yall shut up before i take my belt off ha ha ---You Niggas So Far In The Closet Your startin to see The Adventures of Narnia
ThaWhat's picture


You talkin sideways nah lil brutha from down unda. 2 b 1 ask 1...
dninc's picture


This kat blew up on a Mixtape Cover as if she was standing there.. are you that angry she got your Sweetie in trouble for layin his punk ass hands on a female? dude calm the fuck down with that punk shit fa real, then you go off on Beyonce.. if either one of these females spit in your face you better bottle that up and cherish it because it's worth more than ya life!
Besides that she only got one damn song on the whole mixtape, yo ass got mental issues, i bet any money Rihanna could beat yo ass anyway lol @ this shit.. And dude proud he lives on a former Prison Colony AKA Australia lol
┌∩┐^_^┌∩┐ [-N.O. Saints ARE NOW #1 in 09!!!-] ┌∩┐^_^┌∩┐
----- New Orleans Nigga... I get SUPADOME!
chop76's picture

He should be puttin us on

He should be puttin us on all those good ass Australian rappers, Dj Koala Bear, Mc Dingo and all those cats. You know most of the world hates America but were the only ones entertaining the world, can we get a fuckin thanks or something??
dninc's picture


yeah if you from outside the states, you should be tryin to puttin on for ya country/state/city etc and not hatin on Beautiful successful, wealthy young females on a mixtape site..
that dude might be one of them kats that become a serial murder when he see sexy females because they get the dudes he want.
┌∩┐^_^┌∩┐ [-N.O. Saints ARE NOW #1 in 09!!!-] ┌∩┐^_^┌∩┐
----- New Orleans Nigga... I get SUPADOME!
ghostdog_m's picture


The Only Motherfuck Dropping Quality Mixtape Exclusive Shit Is My Nigga White Owl.... Drop This Shit Into A Trench In The Atlantic Ocean.... Haaaaay-T-ErrrrR..... Bootch Above Looks Like She Mad She Aint In Rihannas Position... Envy Does Not Look Good On You..... Pine Fucking Ridge!!!!
d wEEZY 1's picture

jiggy always gots good

jiggy always gots good mixes. but true i almost always have 90% or more of the tracks. but for the person who doesnt download music on a daily basis he would be a good one to follow. for the rest of us who keep up on our shit just take the 3 or 4 you dont have and delete the rest...mY aTTITUDE iS cELEBATE, i dONT gIVE a f**K...
H. Beezy's picture

You Know This!

i dont care what nebody says..rihanna is hot as shyyt n id pipe it from all angles!
Upsouth804's picture

Yes Lord!

That damn Rihanna IS a sexy ass thang...I'd freak her straight the hell out! ...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...
Upsouth804's picture

The Fukk Y'all Dudes Do?

Personally, I like Biggy Jiggy's mixtapes. I pick through and find my favorites and end up with some good riding music. What the hell y'all do all day, listen to the radio & download music? As soon as a mixtape come on here, it's always somebody talking about it's old. Get a damn life! It's not old to me because I work 7 days a week and have children to support. Shut the hell up! ...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...
rjizzle100's picture


For people who have a life these tracks are new
em.d.queue's picture


Biggy Jiggy keeps it comin. A mixtape a week is not NEW enough?? ya'll are fuckin ridiculous why don't you let the mixtape play through and appreciate the work thats put into the music instead of worryin about whats old and whats new?? who the fuck cares?? ...thr3e_ØπE_two
Redmond864's picture

Is that woMAN really upset

Is that woMAN really upset and come on here hating cause Rhianna on da cover? WHERE THEY DO DAT AT? Never known a nigga to hate on a female...yeah my nigga, you'za BYTCH! Go back and curl up on ya muthaz couch and play wit ya barbie dollz and braid some hair you fukn homo and let grown people talk. "Age aint nuthin but a number and life insurance aint nuthin but a claim"


I downloaded this one a few weeks ago, but jigggy, they needz to step up their game big time, i follow them on their twitt, and they say they will drop jiggy 17 on jan 8th, i never saw anything drop that day, and by the time they drop another mix, all the tracks r already played out or hav been on other mixtapes.
colucci-era's picture

taking tooooo long with the

taking tooooo long with the new ones