Wally Sparks - Cory Mo: Do You Want Mo?

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1. Cory Mo Intro
2. Cory Mo & Pimp C - Ain't Nobody Trippin (Prod By Cory Mo)
3. Cory Mo, Pimp C, Bun B & Slim Thug - It Ain't Me (Prod By Cory Mo)
4. Cory Mo & The Beastie Boys - Slow & Low (Prod By Cory Mo)
5. Cory Mo, Lil Keke & H.A.W.K. (RIP) - Neva Had Nuthin
6. Cory Mo & Talib Kweli - I'm Wit It (Prod By Cory Mo)
7. Cory Mo, Trae & Savage - Ain't Hard To Find
8. Cory Mo, Pimp C & Mddl Fngz - Wood Wheel Flow
9. Cory Mo, Paul Wall, T.I., & K-Ruger (RIP) - Drive Slow (Dirty South Remix)
10. Cory Mo, 50/50 Twin & Slim Thug - Houston We Have A Problem
11. Cory Mo - My Industry Experience Interlude

Cory Mo: The Producer

12. Devin The Dude - Anything (Prod By Cory Mo)
13. Bun B - The Inauguration (Prod By Cory Mo)
14. Pimp C, E-Vicious & Smoke D - Don't Fuck Wit U (Prod By Cory Mo)
15. Geto Boys - When It Gets Gangsta (Prod By Cory Mo)
16. Z-Ro - Another Song (Prod By Cory Mo & Bottzworld)
17. Smoot, Chamillionaire, Slim Thug & Killa Kyleon - Grain Grippa (Prod By Cory Mo)
18. Pimp C - Slow Down (Prod By Cory Mo)
19. AJ 003 & Mike Jones - Yall Don't Want It With Us (Prod By Cory Mo)
20. Lil Keke - Swagga Back (Prod By Cory Mo)
21. Cory Mo Outro

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Shit this mixtape look good, I'm downloadin it right now.

Viking's picture

hot shit!

Yo this is a damn good mixtape, this is my proof that hiphop aint dead :)
All the beats are hotter than hot, and the raps are great too. Houston We Have A Problem, Dont Fuck With U, Drive Slow Rmx, Slow & Lo, Aint Nobody Trippin and Yall Dont Want It With Us are really good and new songs.
I think this mixtape is even better than the last Southern Smoke & Southern Slangin, and that says something...
Certainly worth the download, this is the best of Dirty South & Texas rap ive heard in a (too) long time!

this good?

let me know how this is im not sure if i wanna get this

hotChoklat's picture

please review cory mo!

same someone please do a review on this tape, i've only heard one cory mo track that was off the chain but if this boy is producin half his tracks i wanna know how he do!

Quick Review

Aight heres my opinion, The cd aight I mean I have heard better but at least it's not trash. Theres like 5 or 6 songs I really like and the rest are okay to me. I guess its just me becuase most of these songs I've heard before as everybody from the mixtape is from Houston. Regardless this mixtape is a necessary to anybody who's a fan of Southern style rap. I would suggest this Mixtape to most people but not everybody. Tommorow I will put a better review until then, ya boi 2real...

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thanx cuz^, ill give it a try just cos i got track 3 off that purp codeine 5.5 and it was catchy as hell just like the kinda shit you can wild out to. Dap for the review as well cos i didnt really want to wait


dope mixtape. some tight classics from Pimp C.