DJ Young Cee - The Real Mayor of Miami (Rick Ross vs Trick Daddy)


01. Dj Young Cee - Intro
02. Rick Ross - Maybach Music
03. Trick Daddy - The Realist
04. Rick Ross - Mafia Music
05. Trick Daddy - Stay
06. Rick Ross - Dope Boy Freestyles
07. Trick Daddy - Speaks Out On Shade 45
08. Trick Daddy - I Ain't Fucking With You
09. Rick Ross - Valley Of Death
10. Trick Daddy - Fuck The Other Side
11. Rick Ross - Speaks
12. Rick Ross - Magnificent
13. Trick Daddy - Weekend Girl
14. Trick Daddy & Rick Ross - Out Here Grinding
15. Rick Ross - Cash Flow
16. Trick Daddy - Can't Fuck With Me
17. Rick Ross - Taking Me Alive
18. Trick Daddy & Rick Ross - Luxury Tax
19. Rick Ross & Trick Daddy - So Hood
20. Trick Daddy - Nah Nigga
21. Rick Ross - Flippin That
22. Trick Daddy - Round Here
23. Trick Daddy & Rick Ross - Im Fresh
24. 50 Cent - Outro!!!!!

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THATS WHATS UP!!! who fuckN cares?!
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As old...

These Tracks are as old as the hair up these nigga's nose.. But i still fucks with Trick.. Rick Ross need to go jog around the Prison instead of leechin off nigga's canteens. [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
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So what if Ross use to be the law??

YOU DONT KNOW THE NIGGA LIKE THAT! Snitchin azz fifty just runnin his fucking lips like he always does. I fucks wit Ross before i fuckz with fif! Im just worry about the laws in my area, in my city... FUCK EVERYBODY ELSE!!! ........fucking cry babies.
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Both Fif and Ross

Both Fif and Ross are "LAW ABIDIN CITIZENS".. Feel me.. i personally don't like either of em.. [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
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fuck police

MOTHAFUCKAS ross he's even dress like a bicth ass policeman.This guy should stop rap and hide himself.
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Ross The False.

Dis Fat undacova cop tryin to get in the rap game to get behind the scenes and shit so he can do a undercover documentary bust on the arrest of all the Rap artist, this bitch been up to no good from da get go.