DJ Dephtone & Trick Daddy - The Product 7


01. Trick Daddy & Dj Dephtone - “The Product” Intro
02. Trick Daddy featuring The Dunk Ryders - Gettin It Off
03. Trick Daddy featuring Desloc, Majic, Bad Guy (Dunk Ryders) - Wat They Do
04. Trick Daddy featuring The Dunk Ryders - My Money
05. Trick Daddy - Certified
06. Trick Daddy featuring Ice Berg (Dunk Ryders) - My Niggas
07. Trick Daddy Speaks
08. Trick Daddy featuring The Dunk Ryders - Gangsta Music
09. Trick Daddy featuring Young Jeezy & U.S.D.A. - Black Flag
10. Trick Daddy - Realest
11. Trick Daddy featuring The Dunk Ryders - My Dawg’S Birthday
12. Ice Berg (Dunk Ryders) Speaks - “Lets Get This Money”
13. Ice Berg (Dunk Ryders) - Im On My Way
14. The Dunk Ryders - On Point
15. The Dunk Ryders - All My Life
16. “The Product” Interlude
17. Trick Daddy featuring Ace Hood - Gutta
18. Kanye West Speaks - “Dephtone In The Building”
19. Trick Daddy featuring Kanye West - Can’T Say No
20. Trick Daddy Checks In - “The Bad Guy”
21. Bad Guy (Dunk Ryders) - Go Hard
22. Trick Daddy - Keep It Gutta
23. Trick Daddy featuring The Dunk Ryders - Think They Bad
24. Trick Daddy - Thug Holiday Part 2

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trill nigga muzik right here!

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Wish this was on here before my last weekend began, i was ridin around the beach area in Clearwater bumpin that last drop lol
This has some old tracks on here but it's all good
[-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
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--no nutz no glory--
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Shut Up Bitch!

817? haha bitch you from colleyville playin gangsta online lol...this nigga went to colleyville heritage high school...look it up not hood lol stop frontin' bitch ass nigga stop insulting DJ Screw with your not from south houston... you a lil bitch haha let me guess you roll with gangstas huh?... ya'll be rollin tough in the burbs lol in daddy's tuck.... bitch nigga get on some real shit lol
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damn nigga u puttin dat nigga on blast
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I never even heard of that shyt?? but w/e im too high n throwed to play with u ritenow. But fyi i went to Poly High East Berry FTW 817. I never said i was from Hustle Town. --no nutz no glory--

this is the first time i've

this is the first time i've seen you not run your mouth to someone hahaha maybe homies words hit home

He's scared tht's

This countryside nigga is scared coz is a bitchass nigga.
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Go Eat A Dick Bitch

Heart Of A Hustla,Mind Of A G...Nobody Gives A Fuck Where You From Nigga Take yo Weak Ass Some Where Else With That Frendly Shit Dis Aint Myspace
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haha thats funny

this nigga ain't tryna be hard no more...sayin he don't know of colleyville lol...nigga colleyville in 817 you lame...or are you from grapevine or southlake...pussy!
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Trick Soundtrack

I always fukked wit' Trick Daddy & this shit dosen't disappoint. I'mma just take my favorite songs off these last 3 jants & make my own damn mixtape instead of having 3 seperate CD's. ...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...
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growth & development...
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Trick Daddy Aiight

Heart Of A Hustla,Mind Of A G.......Im Better Then Him At Rapping Though


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MODS.. What the fuck!? Is there's nothing we can do about this Spam?, this nigga say 3 words and advertise on every god damn mixtape. [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]


i b feelin dis one .. 8/10 ..