DJ Whoo Kid , Notorious BIG & Cookin Soul - Night Of The Living Dead

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01 Trick Or Treat Intro
02 Holloween Feat Nas
03 Lost Boys Feat Lil Wayne
04 Orphanage Feat 50 Cent
05 Sleepwalkers Feat Jay-Z
06 Exorcist Feat Eminem
07 Gremlins Feat Snoop Dogg & Busta Rhymes
08 Deep Red Feat Prodigy
09 Nightmare On Elm Street Feat Scarface
10 Dawn Of The Dead
11 Ghost Of Lil Kim
12 Thriller Skit
13 Thriller
14 Night Of The Living Dead Feat Big Pun & Big L & Jamie Foxx

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------------- First

------------- First
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what goes around comes around.... just remember that cuzz First[/quote]

Nice to see they got John

Nice to see they got John Cena to pose as the zombie coming out of the grave.


this is a trojan? any problems?

no its not this is straight.

no its not this is straight.


just played it. scanned it, no viruses.. its not bad. its all old songs remixed to horror themes.. eminems verse in excorsist is from till i collapse

This is whats really good

I guess blends aint dead this shit was gully. Fuck a first.

WTF is "holloween"? It's

WTF is "holloween"? It's Halloween.
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Tight shit

probably hollow points....Hollow...get it?? aaahh 4get it this is some hott shit...whut a dj wit a nice amount of imagination should be about...10/10

shout outs to the designer

shout outs to the designer of this cover, looks dope and VERY different!

this shit is fiyaaaah!!

downloa this immediately, nice concept, nice beats.... sick!

help me out

hey can somebody let me know what the start to "Sleepwalkers feat. Jay-z" is sampled from?


how do i upload my own collection of big? bet i got stuff never heard.
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how 2 upload