Cookin Soul & DJ Whoo Kid - Night Of The Living Dead Pt 2 (2Pac Edition)

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01. Intro
02. Candyman
03. The Fog (Feat. The Notorious B.I.G.)
04. Phantasm (Feat. The Notorious B.I.G. And Big L)
05. Creep Show
06. Land Of The Dead (Feat. 50 Cent)
07. The Beyond (Feat. Jay-Z)
08. Halloween Pt. II (Feat. The Notorious B.I.G.)
09. Suspiria
10. Dunwich (Feat. Nas)

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gt this earlier. haven't

gt this earlier. haven't listened yet tho. disappointed it only 10 trax tho
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imma dl this shit c what it is..... cookin soul n whoo kid have sum good beats shuld b good
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Man this shit iz fkn CRAZY!!!

Ya ignat niggaz should d/l part 1 with Biggie. That shit go supa hard too!!!
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Yea the one with Biggie is

Yea the one with Biggie is hard as fuck, Im goin to download this asap!
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No no there is a whole

No no there is a whole seperate mixtape just like this one but with Biggie instead of pac, if you notice this is part 2 or the series
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yo i want a tape dat has dat cold hearted song wit 2pac feat. lil wayne. dat shit goes hard as fuk. but idk bout dis tape. it has sum hard tracks on it but ill pass.
๑۩۞۩๑ Mista-843 ๑۩۞۩๑! (south killalina)
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i'm bumpin this shit rite now n so far its fire... n so is the biggie tape
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love this album BUT

the tracklist is all wrong...someone change it

the biggie one is way

the biggie one is way better and this covr is wack, they took time for the biggie one but im downloading it anyway to see if its gud
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Who cares about the cover or the tracklist. Just d/l this shit, press play and shut your spoiled ass's up!
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2 PaC Is My FaVoRiTe...BuT tHiS MiXtApE iS wEaK aS fUcK !

I'm tired of you bitches.. why do y'all keep disrespecting 2PAC music ? then you team him up with these weak ass rappers like jay z and 50 cent, mob deep and all them other wack ass eastcoast rappers.. knowing that pac didn't like most of them muthafuckas..But you weak ass dj's keep doing the same shit over and over..if a pac mix should be made it should be with the rappers he made music with! not these fake wanna be bloods and crips from the hoes got the this rap game fucked up and all the way twisted! California stand the fuck up!
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You read my mind!!

It couldn't been said better Johnny C
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I co-sign to that

Everytime i hear a new Pac mixtape it never fells to see Biggie, Nas, Jay-Z, & Fifty in it... My man Pac must be doing backflips in his cuffin rightnow... 2Pac's music is legendary classic. Dont try to fix what is not broken. And if you tempted to make another 2Pac tape atleast make it sound like he did it himself with westcoast rappers like The Game, Snoop, Nipsey Hustle, G.Malone, Mack Dime among others please!
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growth & development... rip the DON!!

i downloaded the biggie one

i downloaded the biggie one last year and i still bump it hard, if its anything like vol 1 this is fire