DJ Whoo Kid - Lloyd Banks: Mo' Money In The Bank Pt. 4

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Being hailed as "the best music that Lloyd Banks has ever done for
street promo" by some guy named 50 Cent, this mixtape features only
the freshest cuts from DJ Whoo Kid and "The Boy Wonder." With the
"Billion Dollar Budget" Curtis ignoring the big-faces to flood the streets
with G-Unit mixtape narcotic, the fans win out. With Banks' sophomore
album Rotten Apple coming this summer, this joint is the official teaser.

1 - Dolby Nigga
2 - 'Pay Jimmy Iovine The Money' Skit
3 - Gang Green Season
4 - The Shitty City feat. 50 Cent
5 - Return of Ja Fool Skit - Hood Newz
6 - The Work Out pt. 4 feat. 50 Cent
7 - Money Is Power ski
8 - The Cake feat. 50 Cent
9 - My House [produced by Timbaland]
10 - Take A Picture
11 - Dead Nigga Storage
12 - Killas Theme feat. Tony Yayo
13 - Lamborghini Lloyd
14 - Special
15 - I'm Back
16 - Donald Trump - Banks Taking My Popoff Skit
17 - The Rush
18 - Jamie Foxx
19 - 1970 Something
20 - 1 Shot Deal
21 - 70 Bars
22 - Been Around The World
23 - Dan Akroyd Outro

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Oh yeah

Thank you very much for this. Looking forward to it.
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Nice one, been waiting for this LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS!
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hell yeah ive been waiting

hell yeah ive been waiting for this one since i herd about it.good looking out.gggggg unit

Yeah This Some Real Shit Yow!

This Mixtape Is Off Tha Hook Yow Son!! Couldnt Wait To Get It Now Am Bagnin To This Shit Now Like Crazy G G G G Unit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



This is LLoyd!

Yeh this i wanna hear lloyd Great thanks 4 the upload


thanks my dude.

Hell yeah

Been watin on this Bank$ is the shit PUNCH LINE KING aka gang green aka new diamonds aka LLoyd Bank$
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Dam, this shit is straight fire man. Props!

Yea this shit hot, but

Yea this shit hot, but howcome it keep sayin tracker down?

tracker ain't done, I'm

tracker ain't down, I'm seeding it right now - use azureus if you aren't and be sure to give it time to connect

Cnt play bck some ov d tracks

i js dwnloaded dis mixtape bt cnt playback sum ov d tracks?
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Error: Tracker Response Decoding Failed:
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Banks first album was crap. most G Unit mixtapes are just hype. 50 aint even good. But i will give this i try as its all good feedback.
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Lloyd Wanks

Banks is a mumble-mouth bum.
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Lloyd Banks

this is the shit...GGGGGG-unit

To all those receiving

To all those receiving supposed tracker errors, as long as it connects and downloads its fine. Utorrent continues to download even though the torrents color becomes red. Was definitely a good mixtape, didnt expect Don Trump to be on it, surprise surprise. Bird Of Hermes Is My Name, Eating My Wings To Make Me Tame.
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ggg unit 4 life

thank 4 this this shit is hott

Rotten to the core

I cant wait for the rotten apple after hearin a mixtape like this, good shit from beginnin to end. banks is the shit and a punchline king. hopefully the album will live up to my expectations given from this.
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I Hope..

I think it will be a great album. Just cuz of how he raps, he has a lot of talent. I hope people like Papoose and Lil' Scrappy are gonna be on it. If not it should still be pretty good.
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Hell yeah banks

Banks always comes out wit some tight shit good shit man keep it goin this mix tape is right

lloyd banks.

this mixtape might be hot...i heard the track 'the cake' and i was vibin wit it...i haven't copped anything g-unit in awhile besides that freeway mixtape...but ima try this one out tho, but i tell you what tho...the mixtape cover sucks...looks like some first grade photoshop...smmfh