DJs Whoo Kid & E-Rock - Bay Bidness: The Mixtape

DJ Whoo Kid teams up with Shadyville nation DJ E-Rock to bring you
the latest hyphy coming out of the Bay Area. Taking you from the 510
(Oakland) to the 415 (San Francisco), this mixtape bangs out tracks &
freestyles from Keak Da Sneak, Mistah F.A.B., The Team, Federation,
E-40, Ya Boy, Turf Talk, B Legit, San Quinn, Balance, E.A. Ski & more.

1 - Nump - I Got Grapes
2 - DJ Shadow - Keak Da Sneak & Turf Talk - 3 Freaks
3 - Federation - Hoes In here
4 - Mistah F.A.B. feat. Messy Marv & Mr. Kee - The Streets Are Mine
5 - Ya Boy feat. Jin The Emcee - 16's Wit Us
6 - The Team - That Team Is Us
7 - Mistah F.A.B. feat. G. Stack & Bavgate - New Oakland
8 - B Legit & Clyde Carson - Block 4 Life
9 - San Quinn feat. E.A. Ski & Allen Anthony - Hell Yeah
10 - J Valentine feat. Bailey - Go Dumb
11 - The Mossie feat. Mistah F.A.B. - Throw It Up (produced by Droop E)
12 - Federation feat. Busta Rhymes & El Dorado Red - Twerk Something
13 - Damani feat. Keak Da Sneak - Gotta Stay Paid
14 - FedEx - Losin It
15 - Ya Boy Freestyle
16 - Stressmatic Federation Freestyle
17 - Keak Da Sneak - Say It Ain't So
18 - E-40 - Tell Me Something Slick
19 - Turf Talk - Hustler
20 - Hoodstarz feat. Mistah F.A.B., Clyde Carson & Turf Talk - Grown Man (remix)
21 - Da Musicianz feat. The Federation - Go Dumb (remix) [produced by Rick Rock]
22 - E-40 feat. Keak Da Sneak - Tell Me When To Go (produced by Lil' Jon)
23 - Balance feat. E.A. Ski - Gotta Get It
24 - Droop E & B Slim - It's Too Easy



man whoo child is a lame ass nigga and g-unit is made up with nothing but lame ass people

^ that was a constructive

^ that was a constructive use of the comment system, congrats
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This Ain't G-Unit

Whoo Kid is G-Unit...E-Rock I don't know..maybe someone can reply that does know but Oakland and San Francisco aren't G-Unit. This is just rappers from the bay area where I'm from and I'm stoked to download this shit and if you aren't then don't. I don't like 50 either but don't be haten Cali.
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u didnt even give it a

u didnt even give it a listen, u just commented on whoo kidd...god ur pathetic. why the hell would u waste ur life talkin bout beef that ur not part of?

i dont need to give it a

i dont need to give it a listen the shit is lame off the top and yous a ugly ass nigga mane


its nice that you judge other guys you fucking queer

If you thought he was good

If you thought he was good looking would you be interested?

shit aint funny cuz, yall

shit aint funny cuz, yall ridin each other dicks or somethin? laughin like some bitches grow up playa

"g-unit is made up with

"g-unit is made up with nothing but lame ass people" This isn't a G-Unit mixtape genius.

damn cuz yall niggas be

damn cuz yall niggas be takin this shit serious........ grow up
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Bay Bidness: The Mixtape

One of the hottest mixtapes in the streets, top 5 fasho. DJ E Rock brings the mixing to the Whoo Kid era of mixtapes, new to me. Brings a lot of light to The Bay. West Side is coming to kill this summer, starting this spring. 5 Stars!!!! G-G-G-G You know what it is nigga!!


Fuck these G-Unit mixtapes have the goddamn lamest covers ever. Looks like a screen shot from NBA 2k4. Ah well the package sucks but the content is good.

whoo kid

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^This guy, funny. But on the real, I'm not feelin the whole Hyphy Bay area thing. E-40 said that shit is takin over but his album says OTHERWISE.


Have to agree. aint feeling the e40 album....but E40 AINT HYPHY!!!!! hes posted up in atlanta. He's album was produce by Lil jon (crunk) and the fucking tell me when to go video was shot in Atlanta.... aint nothing better than hyphy music right now....Mistah Fab, The Team, Keak da Sneak, Numb, The federation, Hoodstarz, etc. E40 aint hyphy he's just milking it for what its worth....he does calabos on hyphy tracks..but he aint hyphy. just listen to his album. hes using it to get to the next level. hyphy, thizz, slap, crunk...aint the same shit. p.s. bamaboi251 youre a fagg. do you see 50cent or anyone else from gunit on these about to stop wasting time talking shit about crap you dont know about..and just keep it to yourself. aint a fan of G-unit either but Power of the Dollar, Guess whos back, 50 is the future, street hitz and all the other mixtapes we're sick back in the day.
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i need this shit.. got vol 2 and now i want more!!! and dont knock e-40's album dude, that was one of the best things this year, start to finish. and what is hyphy anyway? (dont tell me cuz i do know but how do you define its sound?) shit is hyphy to me.



this mixtape is cazy man i

this mixtape is cazy man i give it 10/10



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wherre did u d/l this from

wherre did u d/l this from cuz there aint no torrent here?



why can't i download this

why can't i download this shyt?



fette sache

fette sache