DJ Whiteowl - Whiteowl Drop That 133

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02 - Large Amounts - Get Paper World Premiere
03 - Snyp Life - Drop That 133
04 - Snyp Life Beef Ent - Make Money Take Money Wo
05 - Jay-Z Kanye West - Power Official Remix Hot
06 - Jay-Z Dr Dre - Turnin Me On Sneak Preview
07 - Jay-Z - Live Freestyle
08 - Jim Jones - We Got That
09 - Camron Waka Flacka Fred The Godson - So Crazy
10 - Joel Ortiz - Freestyle Pt 1
11 - Joel Ortiz - Freestyle Pt 2
12 - Joel Ortiz - Freestyle Pt 3
13 - Meek Mill Tone Trump - Freestyle Pt 1
14 - Meek Mill Tone Trump - Freestyle Pt 2
15 - Meek Mill Tone Trump - Freestyle Pt 3
16 - Meek Mill Tone Trump - Freestyle Pt 4
17 - Meek Mill Tone Trump - Freestyle Pt 5
18 - Raekwon Swerv - Show Em How 2 Rhyme Hot
19 - The Kid Daytona Ted Smooth - The Champ Hot
20 - Grafh - Freestyle
21 - Kid Cudi - Wow Wow Wow
22 - Kanye West Kid Cudi - Wylin Cause Im Young
23 - Mac Miller - I Dont Mind
24 - Large Amounts - Interlude
28 - Shyheim Nizzle - I Just Killed A Man Hot
29 - Game - U R The Blood
31 - Mac Miller - Kids
32 - Lil Wayne - I Like Her
33 - Large Amounts - Outro
34 - Snyp Life - We Out
35 - Dblock Shoutouts

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White owl shoulda waitin' to

White owl shoulda waitin' to put this garbage out
hiphophead23's picture

D Block!!!

Dis shit should be decent snyp life dat nigga real hip hop " Tell Me What Dat Mail Like" Spice 1
Golden Gaidaz's picture

ill pass on this but #18 and

ill pass on this but #18 and 22 might be nice tho. {The Golden State Stamp}
NYrap4life's picture

Joel Ortiz...

Joel Ortiz nice as fuck! D-Block Young Gunz all day! The rest = pass...NYC STAND UP

mac miller

yo mac miller sick wit his flow... reppin pa n finally made it on a whiteowl mixtape how fuckin sick is that...
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DJ WhiteOwl Bakk on his shit!!

Gotta admit I was a hardcore Biggy Jiggy follower until he decided that he was 2 good for promo mixtapes. WhiteOwl's last few have been bangin 2 say tha least. The Remix to Power is HOT! Better than tha original. & Joel Ortiz is 1 sikk muh'fukka!! *414 n da bill'din!!*
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Damn....No Good djs anymore

Damn. Are there any good Mixtape Djs anymore....White owl sucks, biggy jiggy went gay and takes forever, haven't heard a good Southern Smoke in a while...shit where they all at....and i don't like chopped....what the hell, just bring me another fabolous or Chamilionaire or Wali cause everything else sux
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Off-topic; Iphone users are AUTOMATIC SNITCHES!!!

If yo homeboy got an Iphone dont do shit illegal around him, he snitchin on you without knowing it. I started sending this out everywhere lol everybody lookin at the Iphone sideways now, (except for the conservative folks that are like.. well i don't do anything illegal anyway so it's ok).. LMAO.. Fuk away from me with your Ifruit
These Are The Reasons Law Enforcement Officials LOVE iPhones
� Every time an iPhone user closes out of the built-in mapping application, the phone snaps a screenshot and stores it. Savvy law-enforcement agents armed with search warrants can use those snapshots to see if a suspect is lying about whereabouts during a crime.
� iPhone photos are embedded with GEO tags and identifying information, meaning that photos posted online might not only include GPS coordinates of where the picture was taken, but also the serial number of the phone that took it.
� Even more information is stored by the applications themselves, including the user's browser history. That data is meant in part to direct custom-tailored advertisements to the user, but experts said some of it could be useful to police.
� Clearing out user histories isn't enough to clean the device of that data, said John B. Minor, a member of the International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners.
� Just as users can take and store a picture of their iPhone's screen, the phone itself automatically shoots and stores hundreds of such images as people close out one application to use another.
� Those screen snapshots can contain images of e-mails or proof of activities that might be inculpatory or exculpatory.
� The keyboard cache logs everything that you type in to learn autocorrect so that it can correct a user's typing mistakes. Apple doesn't store that cache very securely, Zdziarski contended, so someone with know-how could recover months of typing in the order in which it was typed, even if the e-mail or text it was part of has long since been deleted.
~Sig~ Nawlinz gumbo-fuse everywhere we go!, TampOrleans, AtlanOrleans, MiamOrleans, HoustOrleans, MemphOrleans, New YOrleans, Los AngelOrleans, OhiOrleans, TorontOrleans, OrlandOrleans, DallOrleans, PhillidelphOrleans. ~sig~
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cant we say that about all smart phones?

are is only the hated apple products so special.*Fuck Em All*
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I hope my Blackberry doesnt

I hope my Blackberry doesnt to that shit, how come I cant find shit to d/l for over 2 fuckin weeks now, wheres some good music at???????
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IPADs and all that shit probably do the same shit. Their way of watchin even closer if they need to...
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thats just the tip of the

thats just the tip of the iceberg! google can single handedly take this country down...if you all want to serf the net and send emails without being watched get Tor (!!! ive been using it for years and trust me we are all being watched ;P
dninc's picture


You are right on the money, i use a different program that have the same functions it's a lil better tho because it actually prompts when other IP's or instances connect to my IP.. i've seen some dirty low down shit, mostly while downloading Torrents and Megauploads, rapidshares and all the rest of those download sites, ya'll better watch what ya'll downloading is all im going to say! if ya'll think for one second ya'll ass aint being watched and your downloads aren't being screened think again. the program i use allows me to highlight and remove other connections.. Check ya'll temp folder and look for a bunch of shit with random Letters and numbers that look funky and mean nothing, that shit is logging alllll of ya'll activity an sending it back to a unknown source! if you see bunch of em you've been getting watched all along and just dumping that folder wont help either LOL
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i like that! what program do

i like that! what program do you use dninc? Tor works like this...say you visit a site or send an email threw takes your email sends it to about 10 different IP addresses around the world instantly then sends it to your destination with a 'fake' IP address. same for most websites, you are looking at websites threw a 'fake' IP address! actually the US military helped program it and they still use it today! ever visit a site and it said something like meet locals in your area and it actually has your city and state without you ever giving that site your info? think about that!!!! they know where you live!!!!!!
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Street knowlege my nigga

Street knowlege my nigga

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