Tone Trump - Good Company


01. Tone Trump Speaks
02. Tone Trump - Hands In The Sky (Feat. Akon & Birdman)
03. Dj Killatouch - Gonna Get It (Feat. Tone Trump, Jamie Drastik, Gage, Albe
04. P.A. - Let's Talk About (Feat. Drugz & Tone Trump)
05. Juice - Time To Get Paid (Feat. Tone Trump)
06. Galzierz Deville - Okay (Feat. Tone Trump, Capone & Tommy Nova)
07. Philly Swain - Philly On My Back (Feat. Tone Trump & Tech 9)
08. Tone Trump - We Still Getting It ( Feat. Leaf, Sport, Nu Jerzey Devil, Big
09. Tone Trump - Shorty Love My Swag (Feat. Illaj, Lil Fats & Mikey Bloodshot)
10. Mad Face - Let The Trunk Pop (Feat. K-Boy & Tone Trump)
11. P.A. - Lets Talk (Remix) (Feat. Sandra & Tone Trump)
12. Tone Trump - Thug'n (Feat. Plies)
13. Whitefolkz - All I Know (Feat. Tone Trump)
14. Murdah Baby - Creepin Thru Ya Window (Billy Bam, Sk & Tone Trump)
15. J Hood - Maannn (Feat. Tone Trump)
16. Nu Jerzey Devil & Tone Trump - What It Look Like (Remix)
17. Tone Trump - The Money, The Power (Feat. J.Brice, Lil Fats & Mikey
18. Mike Beck - Redlight (Feat. Tone Trump, Newz & Hookmaster)
19. Tone Trump - Outsiderz (Feat. Lil Cease, Bravo & Ransom)
20. Gloria Velez - No Playin Around (Feat. Traxx Trigga & Tone Trump)
21. K-Boy - La Costra Nostra (Feat. Tone Trump & Brisco)
22. Mill Millionz - Kount Dat Money (Feat. Tone Trump)

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tone trumps good
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copped dis shit yesterday

copped dis shit yesterday off of datpiff. figured id comment on it anyway tho. this shits fuickin ill. specially no playin around. i mean its kinda old but its just one of those tracks that dont die. i fucks heavy wit trump tho. he spits it hard.