DJ Whiteowl - Whiteowl Drop That 100

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01. Intro
02. Lil Wayne - Skimask & A Gat
03. Jadakiss, Drag-On & Trish Barnes - The Swine Flu (Hot !!!)
04. Jadakiss - I Aint Leaving
05. Styles P - The Green Ghost Pt 1
06. Styles P - The Green Ghost Pt 2
07. Young Buck - Do It 4 Ya (Dissin 50 Cent)
08. Young Buck - Steroids (Dissin 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks & Tony Yayo)
09. 50 Cent & Alicia Keys - New York
10. 50 Cent - I Be On That Shit
11. Camron - Interlude
12. Hell Rell - Friend Or Foe
13. Jim Jones & Nicki Minaj - Supahot
14. Papoose - The Obituary Freestyle
15. Cassidy Ft Jag - Freestyle
16. Styles P - Drake Freestyle
17. Meek Mill - I Dont Like The Look Of This (Hot !!!)
18. Meek Mill & Fabolous - Freestyle
19. Sticky Fingaz Ft Jay Z - Black Roc(Dissin Dame Dash)
20. Jojo Pelligrino Ft Inspecktah Deck & Sean Price - Triple Homicide
21. 40 Cal - Whiteowl That
22. 40 Cal & Jr Writer - Betta Have My Money Pt 2 (Exclusive)
23. Jim Jones - Im Fly
24. Lil Wayne &Young Money - We Good
25. Lil Wayne & Young Money - Gone
26. Raekwon & Yelawolf - I Wish A Mutha Fucka Would (Hot !!!)
27. Yelawolf - F%K U
28. New York Interlude
29. Flipmode Ft Rampage - Run Dmc
30. Pokerface - Take It Personal
31. Pokerface - That 100
32. Shaft D.A - Da Block
33. Tone Trump, Sk & Bam - Creepin
34. Capone & Nore - War Report 2
35. Lil Wayne - Its Over !!!

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You Know What 2 Do

join hip hop that shit it fire
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White Owl - Give up
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How come Fif is not responding to Buck back & forth like he did with Rick Ross? I guess he only fucks with niggaz he knows he can devour cause he did the same shit with The Game. The Game had like five diss tracks for every song 50 had for him! You know for a loud mouth like 50 that nigga is keeping it very limited. Specially when he knows his opponent is a bigger threat to him. Ol'pussy ass bitch!
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50 fell off a long time

50 fell off a long time ago....he battles only to keep face value & really tho why is Buck STILL beefin anyway?? Yeah he is still under contract or whateva but damn mayne...move on. 50 is gonna bury himself with shit albums so why even bother...50 was nuthin before Eminem...Em made him hot ass fuck...when 50 moved to his own thang again he started puttin out his old garbage which muthafuckkas weren't feelin then & aint now..its to bad tho cuz Get Rich was legit
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NoOneNose Ririzzlm those triple digits
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White Owl..... DRAAAAWP THAT!!!!

I Think White Owl The Only DJ Dropping Quality Mix Tapes With More Exclusive Shit.... Jiggy Gonna Release This Shit In Bout Two Weeks, Owl Gonna Drop Some Other Shit By Then..... Aint Too Many Mixtapes Im Gonna DL Other Than White Owl..... Personally..... Maybe Just Me Though.....
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Buck Fucking 50, No Vaseline.......

Them Shits Were Tight, Compared To 50's Bitching Bout The Industry Diss..... That Shit Bout He Re-Introducing Banks To 50 While He At His Grandma House, Funny Shit..... Yayo Washing Them Boxers, On Gentle Cycle....
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got this this morning off

got this this morning off his website. havnt been able 2 listen yet
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This lil queer always sayin senseless shit that nobody cares about??? Who cares what you did this morning fuck boy just comment on this shit! Nex thing you know he gon tell us what time he takes a shit and how many times he slaps his monkey in one day.
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man wtf is yo problem wit me

man wtf is yo problem wit me homie??? why dont u stop rydin mah dick n get a life
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ya know you would think for whiteowl turning the big 100 he would have more exclusives, most of these tracks have been out for a week or more. as for the buck 50 beef, its comical. its not the fact that 50 hasnt replied yet its that buck just keeps going off on 50 in every track. could it be that buck has nothing to contribute to the rap game other then the fact he got burned, going after 50 is his way of trying to make us forget he was crying like a bitch to 50 on the phone.nbut hey buck, we remember, we remember lol. anyways, who gives a shit! where the fuck is the good music at??????????????????????? ive said it before and ill say it again FUCK WHITEOWL and no im not saying jiggy is better, hes shit now too! as a matte rof fact almost all rap these days is shit fuck i retire from this site
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For Reals.....

The Shit You Said Homie Is The Same Motherfucking Reason That I Stopped Listening To Rap Music Back In 2000. Pac Died, Cash Money Died, No Limit Died..... Shit, I Resorted To Bumping Heavy Metal.... Thats How Bad Shit Got..... Motherfucker Motherfucker Motherfucker, Fuzzy Bunny Rabbit Fucker, Motherfucker Motherfucker..... See How Bad Shit Got, Thank God For Young Fucking Jeezy, Maino, Uncle Murder, Just To Name A Few... New Uncle Murder, Old Murder, But The Shit Murder..... Crushing The Codeine.....
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well idc what the othr ppl

well idc what the othr ppl here say i liked this shit. A lot of good rap. Sum of it is shit but thats what the recycle bin is for. 7.8/10
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man shut the fuck up

goddamn. i fuckin put an acronym for one fuckin phrase and you take it up the ass. Goddamn get the fuck off my nuts
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U Two Motherfuckers Remind Me Of That Movie....

That Movie 'Me Myself And Irene', Is You The Same Persons'? Just Wondering....
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Ever Watch That Movie?

They The Same Dude, He Talkin In A Different Voice For Each Character.... Reminds Me Of U And Dudes Convo....
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naw never seen da movie
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LMAO!!! This made me LOL.

LMAO!!! This made me LOL.
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Screw u funny as fuck

Screw u funny as fuck
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LOL! lol.. That shit is funny though, Screw be right there waitin for Who cares to slip up lol (as he always do ) LOL
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Buck vs 50

50 only resorts to replying when he has an album coming out. Its a business move with him. Buck bullying that dude. N rightfully so. 50 prolly sick, he can no longer say GET EM BUCK. Taking money from another mans mouth is a big no no. He prolly asking himself, Y did I get this nigga started. Buck was a loyal dude to Fif(fif of bs new drink at ur local liquor store. Everyone deserves to be there own man. 50 shoulda been proud, instead of hatin. Remember GAME, same shit new day. GET EM BUCK.
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Iight Tape

Not Too Bad..Good To See Sum D Block 7/10
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Nice Tracks

This mixtape gave me a listen at a few dudes I haven't heard in a while like Sticky, Drag-On & Rampage. I like somma the newcomers (at least to me) too, like Yelawolf, Trish Barnes & Jag. Papoose track was dope as usual even though I wish he woulda used a couple different people in the song (Farrah Fawcet?). Good lookin' out Whiteowl! ...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...