DJ Whiteowl & D-Block - Industry Takeover Pt. 9

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01 - Styles P - G Sense
02 - Jadakiss - U Still Hatin
03 - Jadakiss Stylesp Sheek - Freestyle
04 - Stylesp Sheek Louch - U Cant Understand
05 - Jadakiss Stylesp - Sicka Than Ur Average
06 - Jadakiss Ft Nas Sheek Louch - Nyc
07 - Stylesp - Killers
08 - Jadakiss - Str8 Off The Block
09 - Jadakiss Ft Uncle Murda - Clappin
10 - Stylesp - The Problem
11 - Stylesp Talib Kweli - Told U
12 - Jadakiss Stylesp Sheek Louch - Nyc Shit
13 - Jadakiss Stylesp Sheek Louch - The Bodega
15 - Sheek Louch - The Real Ny
16 - Stylesp Sheek Louch - Mr Invincible
17 - Stylesp - Money On My Head
18 - Jadakiss Stylep Sheek Louch - Trafficking
19 - Jadakiss - The Champ Pt 3
21 - Stylesp Unle Ruck - Walk The Block
22 - Sheek Louch Red Cafe - No Half Steppin

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..Listen to the pouring

..Listen to the pouring rain Listen to it pour
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Can't fuck with D-Block!

Yo mixtape torrent, can't you sort these bitch ass spammers out? Hey spammers if I want trainers or clothes or what ever the fuck YOUR selling then I'll go to the fucking mall! I come here for mixtapes-not your garbage! FUCK OFF! This space right here is for comments on the artists hard work, not for your bootleg shit!.
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for real

its really starting to get annoying that its people trying to sell shit on every mixtape. i check for comments and its the same ads on 15 mixtapes this is fucking up my experience on this website. YO MFIZZEL DID YOU AUTHORIZE THIS? IF NOT PLEASE HELP.*Its Easy To Hate Its Hard Being Real*
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thank you mfizzel

you are the fuckin man for real bruh!!!!*Its Easy To Hate Its Hard Being Real*
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Yellow Tape

Yellow Tape