DJ Spinatik - Street Runnaz 39

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01. Gucci Mane - Ask Me If I Give A Fuck
02. Oj Da Juiceman - Kickin It
03. Young Dro ft. Baby Boy - Gettin' Money
04. Yung Joc ft. Gucci Mane, Oj Da Juiceman & Nicki Minaj - Birds
05. Oj Da Juiceman - Who U Pose To Be
06. Oj Da Juiceman - Juiceman
08. Yung LA ft. St. Patrick - Do What I Wanna Do
09. Yo Gotti - Hit The Highway
10. Oj Da Juiceman - Tonka
11. Yung LA ft. Baby Boy - Stuntin
12. AO ft. Yung Dred - What U Gon Do
13. Big Six ft. Oj Da Juiceman - Crazy Color Swag
14. Oj Da Juiceman ft. The Strangers - Whippin N Flippin
15. Plies ft. Ray J & Busta Rhymes - Blockstar
16. Brisco - Realest Shit I Ever Wrote
17. Statehouse ft. Yung LA & Lil Ru - Roy (Remix)
18. Oj Da Juiceman ft. Rock City - The Mover
19. Soufboi - Fuck You
20. Richie Wess ft. Brian O'Neal - Can't Get Enough
21. Lil Ru ft. Rick Ross - Yeah Thats Money
22. Brisco - We Got It
23. Yo Gotti ft. Red Rum - Get It In
24. Gucci Mane ft. Trey Songz - Beat It Up

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this shit is hard spinatik tha best

This is some hot sh**t

This is some hot sh**t and check out the site for real go gettas

This is some hot sh**t

This is some hot sh**t and check out the site for real go gettas


gucci looks so fat @ cover...)


nice and somebody please upload DJ 31 Degreez & Lloyd Banks - The Sound Of Money
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This some wack ni99az

please take that red off. ya ni99az making us look Bad. ( (( A.W.O.L )) )
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This shit is tough. Blowin

This shit is tough. Blowin smoke early in the mornin to fight off the headache, this helps.


lets be honest i give this mixtape a 4/10 tracks 9,15,21,22,23,and 24. if you really appreciate rap and hip hop we would get rid of juiceman he is real live hot garbage he sucks


Been fuckin wit these drops for awhile now, and latley they've been kinda on and off. I hope this one don't disappoint.
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fuuuuuuuck 2 much oj

fucken bullshit haha

fucken bullshit haha
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I like

I like Spinatik....Wax...Wax...Wax...but this shit is wack...wack...wack.....enough with Gucci & OJ fuuuuck!
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tighty whities

look at guuci's tighty whities hahaha.. got some camel toe on that gooch -Live Life Topless-

Whats happened to

Whats happened to hiphop?fuck this shit im goin back to my diamond d,slick rick and alkaholics shit enough is enough
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Been waitin on this...

damn this looks sick as hell. I've been wondering when the latest Street Runnaz was gonna come out. The last 2-3 have had a lotta dope-ass tracks on em. I'd say besides the Biggy Jiggy Exclusive Tunes series, Street Runnaz is all you need. Also, about OJ...I can understand why a lotta cats hate this dude. The annoying ad-libs, pretty much terrible rhyme schemes, etc. but there are certain tracks where the dude has undeniable swagger and at least the newer stuff is bumpable...his lyrics have improved SOMEWHAT. Don't jump down my throat about that BTW. Not every MC has to be Mos Def or KRS One to have style ya know...
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TOO MANY MOIST FAGGOTS LISTENIN TO THIS BULLSHIT!.. Ya'll really aint listenin to this shit for it's rap skill, it's beats or it's fantastic FRUITY BOOTY Swag lol.. Ya listenin to this shit because ya fuckin dick get hard when you hear that "AYE AYE AYE OK!" on every FUCKIN GOT DAMN TRACK, U Fuckin faggots gettin exposed, every last gAyTL Lovin faggot.., Wanna know why i got the Screenname "GAYTL"? . . ..ITS OBVIOUS!! BECAUSE THIS WHOLE GOD DAMN CITY IS FULL OF FUCKIN FAGGOTS!!!! EVERY GOT DAMN WHERE I GO THERES A GROUP OF FAGGOTS LISTENIN TO THIS "AYE AYE AYE OK AND CIERA".. Strikin a fuckin pose in the malls and Walkin with a damn twist to their cars blastin Gucci and OJ... Everybody that listen to this shit is Suspect.... [ |_-DON'T GET IT FUCKED UP-_| ]
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lol.. WOW..

If you hate yo city so much why don't you move from this GAYTL Hell you talk so bad about nikka?.. Not tryin to talk down to you or nothing just askin a question.
You right about the gays though, my last visit to Atlanta left me going to research why the gay population out there is so heavy, i found out, thats because the city has the largest "black" gay community in the nation, but not the largest Gay Community...
However Atlanta ranks # 3 on the TOP 10 List of Gay/Lesbo Cities in the nation.
Here's a link to one of my sources i searched for about 2 years ago
Here's a photo clip of a newspaper that shows the cities ranking ||| Just highlight everything in bold,copy and paste the link in ya browser.. So you got the gay part right, the music part was a lil reach....
but let them nigga's be gay lol, as long as they aint on you, leave them alone. and lets move on, that Homophobia shit played out now, i know it hurt being in a top ranked gay city but you gotta cope with it and move on.
[-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
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It hurts me to see people talk bad about my city but its so true. I for one am not gay but I rep my city hard and love it to death. Theres more to atlanta than just a bunch of homos. I mean you got ya shit together and all the facts straight just surprised that you didnt have a good time down here. If you do decide to come down here again, Ill make sure you have a vaycay that youll never forget.
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shit is as lame at screw...

I've been bumpin pete rock &

I've been bumpin pete rock & CL smooth stead of this,do your ears a favour
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