DJ Shy Stylz - Well Connected 8 (Hosted By Nikki Minaj)


01. Intro - Nikki Minaj
02. Beam Me Up Scotty - Nikki Minaj
03. In The Trap - Foxy Brown Feat. T.I.
04. Ron Browz Speaks
05. Rotate - N.O.R.E. Feat. Busta Rhymes & Ron Browz
06. Lil Kim Speaks
07. Shook Hands - Lil Kim
08. Yaji Speaks
09. Real Stud - Yaji
10. Nikki Minaj Speaks
11. Single Ladies (Remix) - Beyonce Feat. Nikki Minaj
12. Download - Lil Kim Feat. T-Pain
13. Dj Chuck T Speaks
14. Rumor Has It - Young Jeezy Feat. Pharrell
15. Dj Big Mike Speaks
16. Dreaming Again - Jay-Z
17. Nas Speaks
18. I Do It For Hip Hop - Ludacris Feat. Jay-Z & Nas
19. Maryland - Christina K
20. Shawty Say - Trina
21. Nina Sky Speaks
22. Curtain Call (Remix) - Nina Sky Feat. Pitbull & Rick Ross
23. Money Speaks
24. Can U Dig It - Money
25. Get Silly - Lil Wayne & Gudda Gudda
26. Mica Swain Speaks
27. Gimme Dat Ducee - Mica Swain
28. Tempo - Ashley Angel Feat. Nikki Minaj
29. High With Us - Klass Murda Feat. Young Milk & Gangsta Blakk
30. Save Your Soul - Mia Feat. Blaqstarr

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She Be lookin' kinda good,

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nikki minaj

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nikki minaj

i heard she was a man........that wud kind of explain why she is using the bottle to cover up that part

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