DJ Scream & Rocko - Wild Life

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1. (00:00:57) Rocko - Intro
2. (00:04:32) Rocko - 4 Minutes
3. (00:03:24) Rocko - Over
4. (00:03:04) Rocko - Wings
5. (00:00:49) Rocko - The Difference (Interlude)
6. (00:03:04) Rocko - Lingo
7. (00:03:44) Rocko - Maybe
8. (00:02:48) Rocko Feat. Rafael - Guaranteed
9. (00:01:06) Rocko - Hiatus (Interlude)
10. (00:03:27) Rocko Feat. Future - 9 Times Out Of 10
11. (00:03:28) Rocko Feat. Future - Up
12. (00:01:44) Rocko - Authentic
13. (00:03:46) Rocko - Wildlife
14. (00:02:34) Rocko - Numbers
15. (00:03:01) Rocko Feat. Future - You Know
16. (00:01:07) Rocko - Final Words (Outro)
17. (00:02:56) Rocko - Rainy Night In GA
18. (00:03:15) Rocko - Lord Have Mercy
19. (00:03:42) Rocko - All Wayz "1 Of 1" [Prod. By Drumma Boy]

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Rocko goes hard...hope this

Rocko goes hard...hope this shit is tight

hell yea any official dj

hell yea any official dj scream tape is always fire
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He's stepped his game up! This is actually better than his wack album.$allergic to broke people$
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He NEED Drumma Boy to produce all his tracks to save him.. I think the only song i ever liked from him is "Umma do me".. That Self-Made album came out to be garbage for the most part, the sales of that album at only 215,000 is a reflection of how good a Single can sell an album but when people actually listen to the album they tell their friends not to get it..
but he need to keep Drumma Boy number on speed dial before he release tracks.
any higher than that and your a biased fan
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Dis Morning...that was my

Dis Morning...that was my anthem for a whole minute, every morning I would bang that bitch to get going...and that track with Lloyd-Hustle Fo went hard
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this aite...but he had some good tracks on his cd... Tell them hoes lay off the crack and feed they kids. ~BOLE420