DJ Scream & DJ Whoo Kid Present Lil Hot - Shooters & Lawyers

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01 Lil Hot Intro
02 Lil Hot Shooters & Lawyers
03 Lil Hot My Attorney
04 Lil Hot Fck 'em
05 Lil Hot The Truth (Interlude)
06 Lil Hot Bad Guy
07 Lil Hot Somebody Gotta Pay
08 Lil Hot Judgement (Interlude)
09 Lil Hot Wreckless (Feat. Lil Cleve)
10 Lil Hot My City
11 Lil Hot Beef
12 Lil Hot Rich Ngga (Interlude)
13 Lil Hot Money Over Everything
14 Lil Hot Blood Money
15 Lil Hot Aint My Kind (Feat. Capp)
16 Lil Hot Outro
17 Lil Hot Targets (Feat. Novakane)
18 Lil Hot Feat. Shawty Lo & Tity Boi I Fcked Her (Remix) (Bonus Nodj)
19 Lil Hot Slick Potna (Bonus Nodj)
20 Stunna Boi Feat. Lil Hot Free Pick (Bonus Nodj)

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If you like shit in a bag

If you like shit in a bag then DL this shitty mixtape. This guy is one of the reason's that Atlanta is the homosexual capital of the south. and i'm not hatin ATL is really the homosexual capital of the south. It' the southern San Francisco.
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I appreciate the feedback

I appreciate the feedback because I was finna ask how the mixtape was but I'll take your advice. Good lookin out!
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this mixtape fucking sucks rapping aint for everybody when i saw the cover i thought it was big stackss or sumbody if anybody download this tape yall suck to
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How can i be reimbursed for

How can i be reimbursed for my time for downloading this? im going to call verizon Fios right now and ask them to forgive my wasted 56 MB Bandwidth and return it to me.

Lil Hot

Lil Hot... more like Lil Cold