DJ Chuck T & Blood Raw - Triple Beam Dreams

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01. Blood Raw - Intro
02. Blood Raw - The Revelation
03. Blood Raw - I Tried To Tell Em
04. Blood Raw - White Girl Feat. Young Jeezy And Slick P
05. Blood Raw - From A City (The Plot)
06. Blood Raw - Its Your Life Feat. Lil Buddy
07. Blood Raw - You Dont Live Like Dat
08. Blood Raw - My Bitch So Bad
09. Blood Raw - Interlude
10. Blood Raw - Keep It Gangsta Feat. Young Jeezy And Sl
11. Blood Raw - Ridin Shotgun
12. Blood Raw - My Voicemail
13. Blood Raw - What It Is Feat. Slick Pulla
14. Blood Raw - Interlude
15. Blood Raw - Ride Tonight Feat. Slick Pulla
16. Blood Raw - Watch How I Do My Thang
17. Blood Raw - Trying To Fuck Something Feat. Slick Pul
18. Blood Raw - Check Feat. Young Jeezy And Slick Pulla
19. Blood Raw - Corporate Thiggin Feat. Slick Pulla And
20. Blood Raw - You Cant Get Mad
21. Blood Raw - Checks Out
22. Blood Raw - So Tired Feat. Heather
23. Blood Raw - My Block Burn Feat. Pastor Troy (Bonus T
24. Blood Raw - I Can Feel It (Bonus Track)
25. Blood Raw - I Run Florida (Bonus Track)

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"Gettin Dope Money Without Sellin Dope"???? Chill..chill gangsta... Fuck i aint posted shit here for some months now but this kind of bullshit make me mad.. All this fake g's fake hustlers every fuckin rapper is gangbangin nowadays, wut the fuck?? We live in a Gangsta Nation but how come we dont see this kind of niggaz in the street any more?? Oh i know they gangbangin in their studios!! Man i've seen so many crap mixtapes in the past 4 months that makes me wonder where dem good mixtapes at?? Everybody is "The Best Rapper Alive", everybody is "killa", everybody is "hustlin in the streets" but the thing i know everybody is droppin bullshit! If u wanna lie nigga at least do it to make some hot shit!!! Niggas make me sick!! I dont know if the mixtape scene is going down but niggaz gotta to get their mindz right, and start creatin fo' real!!I see people in their hood they aint bangin dem mixtapes like they use to do cause they know shit aint real any more! I see everybody sayin here X... is the best rapper alive, H... is the best that ever did it etc. That the reason i stopped postin here some months ago!! My peoples everytime u say that kind of shit u make hip hop look bad, hip hop is better than that!!! Search for dem true underground niggas with true lyrical skillz and fuck all this fake niggas.. At least try it fo once! U'll see the difference.. Byrdgang Uptown Harlem Street Movement
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i fee; what you sayin. but

i fee; what you sayin. but how you talkin underground when you supportin byrdgang. i dont know about you but underground to me is jedi mind, sean price, R.A the rugged man, ill bill and others
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love jedi mind tricks dude

love jedi mind tricks dude there fuckin sick
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man i live in washington heights uptown harlem, so i gotta rep it, i see dem dip niggas in the street all day and i'm down wit'em and thus wussup.. as far as underground rap concerned dipset aint nothin to do wit it. I'm talkin bout niggaz like Tragedy Khadafi(to me the greatest rapper alive), masta ace, St Laz, cormega, Silent Knight, Killa Sha, Sean price, smiff n wessun, cymarshall law, bump j, lil' brother...
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is obivious that you dont know his background go check it young jeezy got this dude not cuz he could rap is more on sum savin his life type shit cuz he was facin 25 too life on drug charges real shit im a gansta rapper from chicago i been ganbangin since i was 13 im 23 know, so what im suppose too rap about??same shit with his boy slick pulla jeezy met him in da streetz he dint send his demo too jeezy n shit, nigga dint even have a demo just like me if i get put on my niggaz gettin put on 2, if you could put words together you ridin with me why leave yo niggaz trapped in da hood
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Fuck Bitches !

Puto why u stressin the next mans size of his dick and feddy bro ? Tend to you fuck boi . No body wanna hear a mutha fuckin broke ass groupie talkin about her pms homie . Dawg u dont kno Blood Raw thats real talk . Imma laught at your bitch ass sellin lies !
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I really don't give a fuck

I really don't give a fuck about what he claims to be/do..I just wanted to comment due to the fact that I think this guy is a literally horrid emcee.


he looks like rick ross...well at least to me

my man is real

my man is real and everything he say's i kno sum of it first hand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1